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The Indian Forester is a Fountain of Information and learning which nourishes and enlightens the entire community's of foresters and scientists on scientific forestry and allied disciplines in the country. During its career of 140 years, it has taken an honorable place as one of the world's pioneers in Scientific Forestry. It is the oldest journal on tropical forestry and has been very closely associated with the science of forestry with distinction for the country. The issues of 140 years (Vol.1 to 140) have published thousands articles on all aspects of scientific forestry.


Volume 143, Issue 5, May 2017

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Community forest Dependency: Does Distance Matter?
Somnath Ghosal, Jinlong Liu 397-404
Total views: 54
Genetic Diversity of Bamboo Species in Andaman and Nicobar Islands Revealed through Dna Markers and Morphological Traits
I. Jaisankar, R. K. Gautam, A. Velmurugan, K. Sakthivel, Sajan Soans, P. Simachalam 405-410
Total views: 35
Allometric Models for Estimating Tree Biomass and Soil Carbon Stocks of Small Scale Plantations in Subtropical-Subtemperate Regions of Western Himalayas
Pratima Vaidya, K. S. Verma, S. K. Bhardwaj, M. K. Brahmi, D. P. Sharma, R. K. Gupta 411-416
Total views: 24
Provenance Variation in Seed and Seedling Attributes of Jamun (Syzygium cumini Skeels)
Ramanagouda Soratur, S. S. Harne 417-420
Total views: 15
Benefit Sharing Mechanism for Operationalization of REDD+ in India
Shashidhar Kumar Jha, Bhaskar Sinha 421-430
Total views: 18
Upgradation to Improve Seed Quality in Bambusa bambos
P. R. Renganayaki, K. Ramamoorthy 431-435
Total views: 9
Outbreak of Ascotis selenaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) on Neem and Bakain in the State of Haryana, India
Jagdish Chander, Sudhir Singh 436-440
Total views: 13
Testing the Efficacy of Extractives from Chir Pine Needles through Petri Plate Bioassay against Bamboo Decaying Fungi
A. Sumi, S. Tripathi, N. S. K. Harsh 441-444
Total views: 9
Traditional Ethno-Medicinal Plants Used for the Treatment of Diabetes in Radhapuram Taluk, Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India
Sekar Ramarajan, A. G. Murugesan, A. Saravana Ganthi 445-450
Total views: 19
Vascular Plants of Kshipra River Bank and its Tributaries, Madhya Pradesh, India
Arjun Prasad Tiwari, P. C. Dubey, R. L. S. Sikarwar, K. K. Khanna 451-458
Total views: 11
Impact of Damage and Ecofriendly Management of Bark Eating Caterpillar, Indarbela quadrinotata in Emblica officinalis Plantation
P. B. Meshram, Nahar Singh Mawai, R. K. Malviya 459-463
Total views: 9
Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by 'Sherdukpen' Ethnic Group of Shergaon Village, West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh
Sange Dondu Thungon, Natalya Krishnambika 464-470
Total views: 17
Role of Botanical Gardens in Conservation of Rare Plants: A Case Study of Lead Botanic Garden of Shivaji University
Swapnaja Mukund Deshpande, Shrirang Ramchandra Yadav 471-482
Total views: 15
Genetic Status of Pinus Species
Shilpi Paul 483-486
Total views: 31
A Protocol for Recovery of whole Plants through in Vitro Shoots Regeneration from Leaflet Explants of Mature Trees of Albizia procera (Roxb.) Benth
Ekta Rai, Shamim Akhtar Ansari 487-498
Total views: 22
Floral Biology and Breeding Behaviour in Terminalia belerica and Terminalia chebula
Gargi, A. K. Sinha 499-504
Total views: 18

Research Notes

Aster laka C.B. Clarke : A New Record for Uttarakhand
Ambrish Kumar, S. K. Srivastava 505-506
Total views: 16
Eleocharis acutangula Subsp. Breviseta D.J. Rosen (Cyperaceae): A New Record for Asia from India
A. N. Chandore, D. B. Borude, A. S. Pansare 507-508
Total views: 8
The King Cypress in Kashmir, India
A. R. Dar, G. H. Dar 509-510
Total views: 8
Taktir (Garcinia lancifolia Roxb.): A Yester Year Bounty from the Mid Hills of Arunachal Pradesh
T. Angami, R. Bhagawati, B. Makdoh, Nirmal, S. R. Assumi, S. Baruah 511-512
Total views: 8
Polyembryony in Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels
M. B. Noor Mohamed, A. Keerthika, Dipak Kumar Gupta, A. K. Shukla, B. L. Jangid 513-514
Total views: 14

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