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The Indian Forester is a Fountain of Information and learning which nourishes and enlightens the entire community's of foresters and scientists on scientific forestry and allied disciplines in the country. During its career of 140 years, it has taken an honorable place as one of the world's pioneers in Scientific Forestry. It is the oldest journal on tropical forestry and has been very closely associated with the science of forestry with distinction for the country. The issues of 140 years (Vol.1 to 140) have published thousands articles on all aspects of scientific forestry.


Volume 142, Issue 9, September 2016

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Genetic Improvement in Pongamia pinnata (Linn.) Pierre for Production of Bio-Fuel
Ashok Kumar, Shivani Dobhal, Savita 809-812
Total views: 84
Tree Diversity and Structure of a Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest in Sri Lankamalla Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern Eastern Ghats, India
T. Mastan, B. Sadasivaiah, M. Sridhar Reddy 813-819
Total views: 72
Vegetational Diversity and Distribution along an Elevational Gradient on both Sides of Chattergalla Ridge, Bhaderwah, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Neeraj Sharma, Adil Najeeb, Dinesh Singh 820-826
Total views: 51
Seasonal Variation in the In-vitro Responses of Mature Nodes of Tecomella undulata (SM.) Seem
Sidhika Chhajer, Rajwant K. Kalia 827-832
Total views: 49
Growth and Biomass of Three Important Energy Plantation Tree Species in Jharkhand State of India
B. C. Oraon, M. S. Malik, Arvind Bijalwan, Manmohan J. R. Dobriyal 833-842
Total views: 64
Performance of Napier and Guinea Grasses under Rain-Fed Conditions in Foot Hills of Doon Valley
Charan Singh, Rambir Singh, Ajay Gulati 843-845
Total views: 32
First Report of Root Rot Disease of Cinnamomum camphora in Assam
Reeta Choudhury, Alka Bhargava, D. Zaman 846-848
Total views: 36
Two New Plant Records to Southern India
N. Balachandran, K. Ravikumar, N. Dhatchanamoorthy 849-851
Total views: 54
Variation in Seed and Seedling Traits of Pongamia pinnata
Garima Gupta, A. K. Handa, Ajit, Deepak Maurya 852-857
Total views: 40
Effect of Fruit Maturation on Germination and Vigour of Bakul (Mimusops elengi Linn) Seeds
Nawa Bahar 858-861
Total views: 55
Ecosan (Ecological Sanitation) Based Agroforestry for Boosting Rural Livelihoods
S. M. S. Quli, M. A. Islam, P. K. Singh 862-870
Total views: 41
In Vitro Sterilization Protocol for Micropropagation of Chimonobambusa jaunsarensis (Gamble) Bahadur and Naithani-A Rare and Endangered Hill Bamboo
M. Maqbool Rather, Ajay Thakur, Monika Panwar, S. K. Sharma 871-874
Total views: 48
Air-Layering through Sphagnum Moss in Elaeocarpus angustifolius Blume (Rudraksha)-Commercially Important Tree Species
Praveen Kumar Verma, Niren Das, Vishavjit Kumar, Pawan. K. Kaushik, Alok Yadav 875-877
Total views: 42
Genome Size Estimation Using Flow Cytometry in Elettaria cardamomum Maton
N. Anjali, F. Nadiya, S. Shefeek, K. K. Sabu 878-881
Total views: 60
Termite Resistance of Pinus radiata D. Don Wood after Unified Thermal and Neem Seed Oil Treatment
Yasir Ullah Bhoru, Sadhna Tripathi 882-890
Total views: 51
Mineral Composition of Fruits of Seabuckthorn (Hippophae L.) Growing in Lahaul Valley of Himachal Pradesh
Virendra Singh, K. B. Sharma 891-895
Total views: 37
Seed Germination Behavior in Garcinia imberti Bourd
C. Anil Kumar, T. M. Prajith, P. S. Jothish, C. R. Chitra, A. Asharf 896-899
Total views: 50
Population Dynamics of Major Insect Pests on Ailanthus excelsa Roxb. And their Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat
Meeta Sharma, Noopur Sharma, K. K. Srivastava, Ashok Parmar 900-912
Total views: 32

Research Notes

Polygala buxiformis Hassk. (Polygalaceae)-New Distributional Record for Tamil Nadu, India
R. Kottaimuthu, N. Vasudevan 913-913
Total views: 30
A Report on Abnormal Seedlings in Bael (Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa)
A. Keerthika, Noor Mohamed, P. L. Regar, A. K. Shukla 914-915
Total views: 31

Forest Notes And Observations

A Mealy Bug Effectively Kills Notorious and Stubborn Parthenium hysterophorus but the Questions still Remain
Jagdish Chander 916-917
Total views: 41
Early Fruiting of Sissu (Dalbegia sissoo)
S. H. Patil 918-918
Total views: 35
Cycus V1.0 (Casuarina Yield Calculator Utility Software)
C. Buvaneshwarn, P. Natarajan, N. Krishna Kumar 919-920
Total views: 33

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