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Agboola, D. A.

  • The Effect of Presowing Treatments on the Germination of Seeds of Two Savannah Tree Legumes

      D. A. Agboola,   A. O. Ebofin,   A. M. Aduradola,   A. A. Ajiboye
    Volume 131, Issue 5, May 2005 - Articles

  • Effect of some Growth Hormones on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of some Savanna Tree Legumes

      A. O. Ebofin,   D. A. Agboola,   A. M. Aduradola,   M. S. Ayodele
    Volume 130 , Issue 11 , November 2004 - Articles

  • Studies on the Effect of Varying Osmotic Pressures on Water Imbibition by Seeds of Some Tropical High forest Tree Species

      D. A. Agboola
    Volume 122, Issue 11, November 1996 - Articles