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Srivastava, D. S.

  • Status of Elephants in Jharkhand

      D. S. Srivastava,   Sangam Lahiri
    Volume 132, Issue 10, October 2006 - Forest Notes And Observations

  • First Sighting of Rufous-Bellied Eagle Hieraaetus kienerii (E. Geoffroy, 1835) from Jharkhand, India:A Note on its Description and Conservation

      S. K. Sajan,   Sanjay Xaxa,   Manish K. Bakshi,   D. S. Srivastava
    Volume 142, Issue 4, April 2016 - Forest Notes And Observations

  • Record of Carnivorous Plant Drosera burmannii Vahl (Caryophyllales: Droseraceae) from Palamau Tiger Reserve, Jharkhand, India

      M. K. Bakshi,   S. K. Sajan,   S. Xaxa,   D. S. Srivastava,   A. K. Mishra,   Seh Kazmi
    Volume 143, Issue 6, June 2017 - Research Notes