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Adhikari, R. N.

  • Comparative Effectiveness of Different Grass Species on Reduction of Runoff, Soil Loss in Semi-arid Black Soil Region

      R. N. Adhikari,   M. S. Rama Mohan Rao,   A. K. Singh,   K. K. Reddy
    Volume 134, Issue 1, January 2008 - Articles

  • Studies on the Effect of Surface Mulch, Grass Cover and Stone Barrier on Runoff and Soil Loss under Simulated Condition for Application in Arable and Non-arable Land

      R. N. Adhikari,   M. S. Rama Mohan Rao,   V. Husenappa
    Volume 128, Issue 8, August 2002 - Articles

  • Effect of Planting Method on Bio-fence Species, Crop Yield and Soil Conservation in Semi-arid Regions of India

      S. K. N. Math,   S. L. Patil,   R. N. Adhikari,   Vasudev K. Lamani
    Volume 132, Issue 7, July 2006 - Articles

  • Soil and Water Conservation Measures in Mine Spoil Areas

      R. N. Adhikari,   M. S. Rama Mohan Rao,   I. P. Pradhan,   M. Padmaiah
    Volume 120, Issue 4, April 1994 - Articles