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Masoodi, T. H.

  • Basketry from Introduced Willows in Kashmir: Old Tradition to New Economically Viable Art

      T. H. Masoodi,   N. A. Masoodi,   M. A. Islam,   S. N. Zaffar,   S. K. Chauhan
    Volume 134, Issue 1, January 2008 - Articles

  • Effect of Nitrogen and Spacing on Growth and Development of Acer oblongum Wall. Seedlings

      T. H. Masoodi,   N. A. Masoodi,   K. N. Qaisar,   N. K. Joshi
    Volume 122, Issue 11, November 1996 - Articles

  • Knowledge and Attitude of Farmers Towards Agroforestry Practices in North Kashmir - a Case Study

      R. Banyal,   N. A. Masoodi,   T. H. Masoodi,   L. K. Sharma,   S. A. Gangoo
    Volume 137, Issue 12, December 2011 - Articles

  • Status of Fuelwood Extraction and Consumption in Rural North Kashmir: a Case Study

      M. A. Islam,   R. Banyal,   N. A. Masoodi,   T. H. Masoodi,   S. A. Gangoo,   L. K. Sharma
    Volume 137, Issue 11, November 2011 - Articles

  • Energy Status and Consumption Pattern in Rural Temperate Zone of Western Himalayas: A Case Study

      R. Banyal,   M. A. Islam,   T. H. Masoodi,   S. A. Gangoo
    Volume 139, Issue 8, August 2013 - Articles

  • Management of Exotic Poplars for Production of Quality Timber and Reducing Cotton Menace in Kashmir (J&K)

      S. A. Gangoo,   T. H. Masoodi,   Shah Murtaza,   M. A. Islam
    Volume 141, Issue 5, May 2015 - Articles

  • Vegetation Analysis and Carbon Sequestration Potential of Salix alba Plantations under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir, India

      Murtaza Shah,   T. H. Masoodi,   P. A. Khan,   J. A. Wani,   S. A. Mir
    Volume 141, Issue 7, July 2015 - Articles

  • Incremental Growth and Survival of Containerized Cryptomeria Japonica Seedlings as Affected by Varying Levels of Nitrogen Fertigation

      Meraj U. Din Dar,   P. A. Sofi,   T. H. Masoodi,   Mumtaz A. Ganie
    Volume 141, Issue 9, September 2015 - Articles

  • Relative Economics for Cultivating Salix alba Plantations for Carbon Trading under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir, India

      Shah Murtaza,   T. H. Masoodi,   S. A. Gangoo,   P. A. Khan,   Akhlaq A. Wani,   Aasif Ali Gatoo
    Volume 143, Issue 4, April 2017 - Articles