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Ramachandra, T. V.

  • Habitat Approach for Conservation of Herbs, Shrubs and Climbers in the Shara Vathi River Basin

      G. R. Rao,   M. D. Subhashchandran,   T. V. Ramachandra
    Volume 131, Issue 7, July 2005 - Articles

  • Sharavathi River Basin Flora Information System (Srfis)

      D. Mahesh Babu,   G. R. Rao,   Diwakar Mesta,   M. D. Subashchandran,   T. V. Ramachandra
    Volume 136, Issue 4, April 2010 - Articles

  • Plant Diversity in the Sharavathi River Basin in Relation to Human Disturbance

      G. R. Rao,   M. D. Subash Chandran,   T. V. Ramachandra
    Volume 136, Issue 6, June 2010 - Articles

  • Conservation Impact on Sacred forest Fragments - a Case Study from Karnataka, India

      Rajasri Ray,   M. D. Subhas Chandran,   T. V. Ramachandra
    Volume 138, Issue 3, March 2012 - Articles

  • Ecological Status of Three Micro Watersheds in Western Himalaya

      T. V. Ramachandra,   N. V. Joshi,   G. R. Rao,   G. Dhanpal,   K. V. Gururaja,   Amit S. Yadav
    Volume 140, Issue 4, April 2014 - Articles

  • Green Spaces in Bengaluru: Quantification through Geospatial Techniques

      T. V. Ramachandra,   Bharath H. Aithal,   Gouri Kulkarni,   S. Vinay
    Volume 143, Issue 4, April 2017 - Articles