Volume 136, Issue 9, September 2010

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Soil Organic Carbon Store under Different Land Use Systems in Giri Catchment of Himachal Pradesh  | 
S. S. Negi, M. K. Gupta 1147-1154
Total views: 286
Critical Necessity of Local Monitoring and Enforcement for Sustainable Governance of Forests  | 
Deep Narayan Pandey 1155-1163
Total views: 214
Isolation of Fungi from Heart Rot Affected Melia azedarach, Linn. in Bangladesh  | 
M D. Ashaduzzaman, Mohammad Abdur Rahman 1164-1173
Total views: 244
Accounting Poplar and Wheat Productivity for Carbon Sequestration in Agri-silvicultural System  | 
Sanjeev K. Chauhan, S. C. Sharma, R. Chauhan, Naveen Gupta, Ritu 1174-1182
Total views: 337
Inventory of Ethno Veterinary Medicinal Plants of Jhargram Division, West Bengal, India  | 
P. K. Pandit 1183-1194
Total views: 376
Reclamation of Sodic Soil through Afforestation  | 
K. P. Tripathi, Bajrang Singh 1195-1204
Total views: 279
Distrffiution and Population Structure of Amentotaxus assamica Ferguson, a Critically Endangered and Endemic Species in Arunachal Pradesh  | 
A. K. Das, P. C. Nath, A. D. Khumbongmayum 1205-1212
Total views: 400
Assessment of Nitrate Reductase Activity in the Leaves of Terminalia chebula  | 
S. P. Chaukiyal, Rayees Afzal Mir 1213-1217
Total views: 237
Less Known Wiw Edmle Fruits and Seeds of Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka  | 
S. S. Hebbar, Gurumurthi Hegde, G. R. Hegde 1218-1222
Total views: 540
Ecology of Medicinal Plants in Uttarakhand Himalaya, India  | 
Jeet Ram, Beena Tewari, Neeta Arya 1223-1229
Total views: 736
Little Known Grass Taxa of India  | 
B. Ravi Prasad Rao, A. Madhusudhana Reddy 1230-1234
Total views: 277
Growth and Instability in Production and Export of Indian Lac  | 
Govind Pal 1235-1240
Total views: 292
Evaluation of Plant Growth Regulators Response in Physiology of Flowering in Jatropha Curcas L  | 
Gargi Joshi, Arvind Shukla, Alok Shukla 1241-1247
Total views: 332
Leaf-fall Studies of some Forest Tree Species Tropical Dry Deciduous Mixed forest of Naoradeid Wild Life Sanctuary, Sagar (Madhya Pradesh)  | 
Kaushlesh Pathak, S. P. Bajpai, C. D. Athaya 1248-1253
Total views: 230
Studies on Afforestation for Controlling Avalanche and Improving Eco-environment in Mgh Altitude  | 
Narendra Singh, Gursharan Singh, Amod Kumar, Tsering Stobden 1254-1260
Total views: 247
Efficacy Evaluation of Lantana camara for Bamboo Protection  | 
Anshul Chandra, N. S. K. Harsh, Sadhna Tripathi, S. T. S. Lepcha 1261-1270
Total views: 326

Research Notes

Effect of Fruit Maturation on Germination and Vigour of the Seed of Diploknema butyracea  | 
Nawa Bahar 1271-1275
Total views: 232
Gigantochloa Bastareana - a New Species of Bamboo from Chattisgarh, India  | 
H. B. Naithani, R. C. Pal 1276-1277
Total views: 391
Clonal Propogation of Cedrus deodara (roxb.) G.don via Bud Grafting  | 
C. S. Joshi, S. K. Verma 1278-1280
Total views: 244
Traditional Orthopedic Treatment with Medicinal Plants  | 
K. kotresha, Sidanand V. Kambhar 1281-1282
Total views: 244

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Fire Conservancy in Indian Forests  | 
E. M. Hodgson 1283-1284
Total views: 210

Letters To The Editor

Scholastic Genealogy and Mentor-Mentee Programme  | 
S. K. Jain 1285-1286
Total views: 201


B.S. Parmar, HPFS  | 
J. L. S 1287-1287
Total views: 206

Gazette Notifications

Andhra Pradesh Gazette  | 
Total views: 217