Volume 143, Issue 6, June 2017

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Addressing forest Degradation: Role of Ecosystem Services  | 
Mohit Gera 517-524
Total views: 363
Germination Behaviour and Biochemical Contents of Quercus glauca Thunb. Acorns in Relation to Pre-Sowing Treatments and Acorn Sizes  | 
T. Amare, D. R. Bhardwaj 525-530
Total views: 281
Identifying Conservation Priority Sites for Saraca Asoca: An Important Medicinal Plant Using Ecological Niche Models  | 
R. C. Sumangala, Sachin Rosario, Bipin Charles, D. Ganesh, G. Ravikanth 531-536
Total views: 469
Variation in Epiphytic Lichen Biomass Occurring on Quercus semecarpifolia Smith, Saplings at Two High Altitude Forests of Central Himalaya, India  | 
Vijay Arya, Balwant Kumar 537-540
Total views: 208
Evaluation of Seed Fertility in Relation to Diameter Classes of Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H. J. Lam  | 
Nawa Bahar 541-545
Total views: 184
Impact of Component Variability on Biomass Production and Soil Organic Carbon in Traditional Agroforestry Systems  | 
Sandhya Goswami, K. S. Verma, Nazir A. Pala 546-552
Total views: 200
Morphometric Study of the Genus Indigofera L. in Karnataka  | 
Kavita Awaradi, Sindhu Simpi, Vanishree Telabakkanavar, Sidanand V. Kambhar, Prakash Kengnal 553-559
Total views: 212
Morphological Studies in Acer Species (Sapindaceae)  | 
Maryam Keshavarzi, Zeynab Parsania, Zahra Nazem Bokaee, Mahvash Seifali 560-565
Total views: 189
Diversity, Population Structure and Regeneration Potential of Tree Species in a Community Conserved Sacred Forest from Western Odisha, India  | 
Antaryami Pradhan, Satyendra Prasad Mishra, Niranjan Behera 566-572
Total views: 257
Socioeconomic Improvement in the Lifestyle of Tribal BPLS in Nanded City (MS), Using Lac Insect Infested Samanea saman as Model  | 
Dinesh Wanule, J. V. Balkhande, V. S. Narayane, K. H. Nagare 573-576
Total views: 210
Growth and Yield Performance of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) at Different Crop Distance from Tree Base under Populus deltoides Bartr. Ex. Marsh. Based Agri Silviculture System  | 
O. P. Rao, Pradyuman Singh, R. J. Gupta, S. K. Verma 577-580
Total views: 187
Variability of Soil Infiltration under 15 Year Old Plantation in Jabalpur, Central India  | 
Manisha Verma, M. L. Sahu 581-584
Total views: 187
Weed Diversity in North-East Part of Belgavi District, Karnataka (India)  | 
Sidanand Vitthal Kambhar, Pallavi Madhukar Jadhav, Shivaranjani Shrikant Chougala 585-590
Total views: 213
Seed Bank Estimation and Regeneration Studies of Madhuca neriifolia (Moon) H.J. Lam., from Western Ghats of Karnataka  | 
C. N. Prasanna Kumar, R. K. Somashekar, B. C. Nagaraja, D. Shivaprasad 591-594
Total views: 172
Ethnobotanical Study of Fodder Plant Resources in District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh  | 
M. C. Sidhu, Sweta Thakur 595-601
Total views: 230
Carbon Sequestration and Fruit Production Potential of Aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn) in Degraded Lands of Indian Sub-Himalayas  | 
A. C. Rathore, H. Mehta, Charan Singh, P. K. Mishra 602-607
Total views: 206

Research Notes

Eleocharis palustris (L.) Roem. & Schult. (Cyperaceae) a New Record for Assam, India  | 
D. B. Borude, K. V. C. Gosavi, N. B. Yemul, A. N. Chandore 608-609
Total views: 184
Sporadic Flowering of Dendrocalamus longispathus (Kurz) Kurz in Barak Valley of Assam  | 
Mukta Chandra Das, Pator Singnar, Arun Jyoti Nath, Ashesh Kumar Das 610-611
Total views: 182
Record of Carnivorous Plant Drosera burmannii Vahl (Caryophyllales: Droseraceae) from Palamau Tiger Reserve, Jharkhand, India  | 
M. K. Bakshi, S. K. Sajan, S. Xaxa, D. S. Srivastava, A. K. Mishra, Seh Kazmi 612-613
Total views: 206
Ophiorrhiza caudata C. E. C. Fischer (Rubiaceae) - A New Record for Tamil Nadu, India  | 
A. Nazarudeen, G. Rajkumar, M. Alister, A. G. Pandurangan 614-615
Total views: 166

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

From the Indian Forester - One hundred Years Ago  | 
Total views: 178