Volume 136, Issue 12, December 2010

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Table of Contents


Economics of Collection and Marketing of Schizostachyum dullooa (Gamble) Majumdar from Manipur and Mizoram  | 
N. S. Bisht 1575-1580
Total views: 275
Pictorial Floristic Diversity of Grasses and Associated Vegetation from Three Grasslands of Randhikpur Forest Range, Dahod, Gujarat  | 
S. N. Tyagi Amee Padhiar, Susy Albert, Neeta Pandya, Gandhi Dhara, Krishna Panchal 1581-1592
Total views: 320
Structure and Composition of Vegetation in Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary, Chandigarh  | 
H. B. Naithani, N. S. Bisht, V. P. Khanduri, Ishwar Singh 1593-1609
Total views: 424
Growth Performance of Eucalyptus tereticornis and E. Camaldulensis Progenies under Various Levels of Soil Salinity  | 
Avtar Singh, O. P. Toky, G. P. S. Dhillon 1610-1615
Total views: 239
A Contribution to the Biodiversity of Charekh Ka Danda and its Adjacent Area in District Pauri Garhwal of Uttrakhand (India)  | 
J. C. Ghildiyal, Prabhakar Chandra Bebni 1616-1630
Total views: 342
Status of Parthenium hysterophorus L. and its Biocontrol Agent, Zygogramma bicolorata Pallister in Uttarakhand  | 
S. C. Dhiman, Reshu Agarwal 1631-1636
Total views: 383
Study of Factors Influencing Vegetative Propagation of Jatropha curcas  | 
Lekha Ghosh, Lalji Singh 1637-1648
Total views: 283
Flora and Vegetation of Malkangiri District, Orissa, India - an Assessment  | 
D. K. Sahu, S. Biswas, N. K. Dhal, M. Brahmam 1649-1661
Total views: 320
Wood Biomass from Coffee Plantations as an Alternate Energy Source  | 
Udaya Morabad, A. S. Devakumar 1662-1667
Total views: 221
Evaluation of Nursery and Field Performance of Progenies of Selected Plus Trees of Albizia chinensis (Siran) under Mid-hill Conditions of Western Himalayas  | 
Rajesh Uppal, Charan Singh 1668-1673
Total views: 233
Floristic Survey of Sagareshwar Wild Life Sanctuary, Maharashtra  | 
Vikas Awale, Madhukar Bachulkar 1674-1687
Total views: 300
Extraction and X-ray Diffraction Studies on Starches of Forest Origin  | 
Abha Rani, Pravin H. Chawhaan, Mala Rathore 1688-1692
Total views: 273
Vegetative Propagation of Adina cordifolia (Roxb.) Hook. F. Ex Brandis  | 
Rajesh Kaushal, L. S. Jeena, S. Chaturvedi, L. Tewari, S. K. Tewari 1693-1698
Total views: 419
Invasive Effect of Exotic Pines : a Case Study in Kalika Forest  | 
G. Bhattacharyya, G. C. Joshi, L. M. Tewari 1699-1703
Total views: 376

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Fodder Plants of Tribal Inhabited Localities of Ratlam District (Madhya Pradesh)  | 
Dinesh Jadhav 1704-1708
Total views: 349
Indian Snares  | 
E. C. B. 1721-1723
Total views: 183

Letters To The Editor

A Heritage Tree Named "Tholkappier"  | 
V. Sundararaju 1724-1724
Total views: 207


Khanindra Kumar Baruah, IFS (1933 - 2010)  | 
Dy. C. F. 1725-1725
Total views: 213
Chandra Sekhar Dani (4.10.1934-13.7.2010)  | 
N. M. M. 1726-1726
Total views: 200

Research Notes

Impact of Pitcher Irrigation and Mulching on the Summer Season (Jethwi) Lac Crop Sustainability and Pruning Response on Ber (Ziziphus mauritiana)  | 
R. K. Singh, Y. D. Mishra, Bangali Babo 1709-1712
Total views: 234
Studies on the Growth of Juvenile Culms of some Bamboos  | 
Richa , M. L. Sharma, Nitin Kumar Sharma 1713-1716
Total views: 205
A Powdery Mildew Disease on Selinum veginatum  | 
Narender K. Bharat 1717-1718
Total views: 225
Screening Study to Avoid Seed Loss in Abrus precatorius from Wild Sources: a Case Study of Shiwalik Hills  | 
B. P. Tamta, Yogesh Gairola 1719-1720
Total views: 204


"Bamboos of Mizoram"  | 
N. S. Bisht, H. B. Naithani 1727-1727
Total views: 211