Volume 131, Issue 7, July 2005

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Table of Contents


Medicinal Plants in Satpuraplateau of Madhyapradesh: Current Status and Future Prospects  | 
A. K. Pandey, A. K. Patra, P. K. Shukla 857-883
Total views: 293
Habitat Approach for Conservation of Herbs, Shrubs and Climbers in the Shara Vathi River Basin  | 
G. R. Rao, M. D. Subhashchandran, T. V. Ramachandra 884-900
Total views: 198
Distribution, Use Pattern and Potential for Conservation of Medicinal Climbers in Uttaranchalstate  | 
B. S. Adhikari, M. M. Babu, P. L. Saklani, G. S. Rawat 901-916
Total views: 236
Comparison of Bruce's formula and other Methods for Log Volume Estimation  | 
V. P. Tewari, Bllas Singh 917-924
Total views: 235
Role of NTFPs in Economic Empowerment of Rural Women  | 
Lakshmi M. Paloti, Uma S. Hiremath 925-930
Total views: 203
Standardization of Pres Owing Treatments for Different Seabuckthorn Species in Cold Deserts of Himachal Pradesh  | 
H. P. Sankhyan, R. N. Sehgal, N. P. Bhrot 931-938
Total views: 241
Management of Locastra muscosalis Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) Using Certain Synthetic Insecticides and Physical Methods  | 
Ajay Sharma 939-942
Total views: 195
Phytosociological Studies on the Grassland Community of Southern Aravalli Fills of Rajasthan  | 
P. K. Galav, S. S. Katewa, B. L. Chaudhary, Anita Jain 943-952
Total views: 284

Research Notes

Vegetation Studies in Varied Spatial Habitats of Langate, Kashmir Himalaya  | 
A. A. Khuroo, G. H. Dar, Z. S. Khan 953-958
Total views: 179
Shoot Blight Disease Causing Menace in Hollong Nurseries  | 
A. N. Singh, T. R. Borah, G. S. Sharma 959-963
Total views: 162
Occurrence of Albino Seedlings in Aegle marmelos Correa  | 
R. Anandalakshmi, B. Gurudev Singh, R. Parimalam, R. R. Warrier, V. Sivakumar 964-966
Total views: 194
Note on the Occurrence of Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich. (Taxodiaceae) in Kashmir Himalaya  | 
A. R. Dar, G. H. Dar 967-968
Total views: 195
New Reports of Defoliator Psilogramma menephron on Rauvolfia serpentina and White Grub Holotrichia serrata on Withania somnifera  | 
P. B. Meshram 969-970
Total views: 183