Volume 131, Issue 8, August 2005

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Table of Contents


Status of Wood Preservation in India  | 
Suresh Gairola, Pankaj Aggarwal 979-989
Total views: 212
Studies on Interrelationsidp of Woody Vegetation Density and Soil Characteristics along an Altitudinal Gradient in a Montane forest of Garhwal Himalayas  | 
R. S. Rawat 990-994
Total views: 216
Wood Microstructure, Ultrastructure and Systematic Study of Indian Terminalia  | 
Sangeeta Gupta, Magan Singh 995-1011
Total views: 225
Variation in Physico-chemical Characteristics of Wood of Candidate Plus Trees of Shisham (Dalbergia sissoo Roxb.)  | 
Rajneesh Kumar, Kulwant Rai Sharma, Lalit Mohan Gupta 1012-1023
Total views: 223
Xylotomic Study of the Family Sapindaceae: Microstructure, Systematics and Ecological Trends  | 
Manisha Agarwal, Sangeeta Gupta, Veena Painuly 1024-1040
Total views: 254
A Micro-level Study on the Use of Wood Asalternatnffi Source of Energy  | 
J. K. Das, A. Sarkar 1056-1063
Total views: 187
Intra- and Inter-species Wood Anatomical Variation in Balau Group of Shorea of Malay Peninsula  | 
P. K. Pande, Krishna Negi, Magan Singh 1041-1048
Total views: 200
Wood Microstructure of Indian Staphyleaceae with Particular Reference to Unusual Type of Perforated Ray Cell  | 
Sangeeta Gupta, Manisha Agarwal 1049-1055
Total views: 200
New Record of Occurrence of Perforated Ray Cells in the Order Celastrales from India  | 
Sangeeta Gupta, Vishakha Saxena 1064-1070
Total views: 282
Wood Decaying Fungi of Boswellia serrata Stored Wood  | 
C. K. Tiwari, N. S. K. Harsh, Jamaluddin 1071-1075
Total views: 220
Choice of Timber Species for Plantation on the Basis of Utilisation Parameters  | 
V. Kothiyal, R. Bhandari, V. K. Jain 1076-1090
Total views: 207
Circumferential and Radial Variation in Ring Width in West Himalayan Fir (Abies Pindrow Royle)  | 
M. K. Seth, Madhu Thakur, Ira Kapoor 1091-1100
Total views: 209