Volume 131, Issue 10, October 2005

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Table of Contents


Mitigating Man-wildlife Conflict - Identifying Aberrant Predators: a Case Study of the Man-eater of Sonaripur  | 
Vinod Rishi 1255-1266
Total views: 361
Global Illegal Trade in Wild Animals and its Impact on Conservation in India  | 
P. R. Sinha 1267-1271
Total views: 212
Tiger Crisis: a (MIS)understood Development Paradigm  | 
A. K. Gupta, Rajeev K. Srivastava 1272-1278
Total views: 207
Tiger Conservation in India : the Past, Present and the Future  | 
A. J. T. Johnsingh, S. P. Goyal 1279-1296
Total views: 1402
Tiger Conservation - Adopting a Systems Approach  | 
Bransdon Corrie, Shashi Corrie 1297-1304
Total views: 217
Tiger Crisis: a Roadmap to Save This Critically Endangered Species  | 
V. Ramakantha, Anil Kumar 1305-1318
Total views: 193
Livestock Depredation by Tiger in and around Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh and Mitigation Strategies  | 
N. P. S. Chauhan 1319-1328
Total views: 244
Use of Unique Habitats by Wildlife Species in Tadoba - Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India  | 
Yogesh Dubey, V. B. Mathur 1329-1336
Total views: 215
Human Casualties by Tiger in Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh and Mitigation Strategies  | 
N. P. S. Chauhan 1337-1346
Total views: 273
The Concept of Eco-administrative Unit (Ecosystem Approach in Forest and Wildlife Conservation)  | 
Vinod Rishi 1347-1352
Total views: 223
Status of Leopard (Panthera parnus fusca) in India  | 
H. S. Singh 1353-1362
Total views: 354
Status of Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica) in Similipal Tiger Reserve, Orissa, India  | 
S. D. Rout, D. Swain 1363-1372
Total views: 317
Population Ecology of Vultures in Western Rajasthan, India  | 
Anil Kumar Chhangani 1373-1382
Total views: 310

Research Notes

The Implications of Increase in Leopard Numbers  | 
L. A. K. Singh, Debabrata Swain 1383-1385
Total views: 182

Letters To The Editor

Address of his Excellency the President of India at the 34th Annual Convocation of the Professional forestry Training, Indira Gandhi National forest Academy, Dehra Dun  | 
Mudit Kumar Singh 1390-1390
Total views: 210
Plastercasts of Pugmarks for Sale  | 
Rajesh Kumar Gupta 1391-1392
Total views: 197

News and Notes

Forest and its Multi-dimensions  | 
Total views: 181

Technical Note

Methodology for Estimating and Monitoring Tiger, Prey, and Habitat  | 
Y. V. Jhala, Qamar Qureshi, Rajesh Gopal 1393-1398
Total views: 236