Volume 131, Issue 11, November 2005

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Genetic Conservation and Improvement Work of Bamboos at Rain Forest Research Institute, Jorhat, Assam  | 
K. C. Pathak, A. K. Sarma, P. K. Hazarika, D. Neog, H. Mishra 1459-1473
Total views: 240
Chartered Foresters in Madhya Pradesh: a Boon or Bane ?  | 
Prasant Kumar 1399-1410
Total views: 199
Establishment of Seed Production Area of Amla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) in Punjab  | 
R. K. Luna 1411-1420
Total views: 270
A Preliminary Estimation of Carbon Stock Sequestrated through Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) Plantation in North Eastern Region of India  | 
S. K. Dey 1429-1436
Total views: 1276
Nutrient Use Efficiency (N and P) in Azadirachta indica Seedlings Grown under Diffused and Complete Light Conditions  | 
Sunil Puri, S. L. Swamy 1437-1448
Total views: 189
Potential of Bamboo in Vegetative Embankment  | 
P. K. Kaushik, Y. C. Tripathi, B. K. Pandey 1449-1458
Total views: 250
Comparative Studies on Decomposition of Leaf Litter in Teak Plantation  | 
K. Rajagopal, C. Buvaneswaran, M. George, P. Manivachagam 1421-1428
Total views: 257
Spatial Analysis of Disturbance Gradient in a Forested Landscape of an Indian Central Himalayan Watershed  | 
N. K. Sharma 1474-1482
Total views: 201
Smoky Stem Blight of Chir Pine - a New Record  | 
Kamla Uniyal 1483-1485
Total views: 200
Influence of Felling Season and Moon Phase on Natural Resistance of Bamboos against Termite  | 
Seema Dhawan, S. C. Mishra 1486-1492
Total views: 210

Research Notes

Cloning of Podocarpus falcatus an Indigenous Tree to Ethiopia - a Research Report  | 
V. R. Karoshi, Bizuayehu Geremew 1493-1495
Total views: 202
Firewood from Forests - how much Worth is It?  | 
Preet Pal Singh 1496-1500
Total views: 161
Influence of Variation in Site Fertility on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Resorption Efficiency in Young Native Tropical Woody Species Planted on Mine Spoil  | 
Arvind Singh 1501-1504
Total views: 199
Vegetative Propagation of Hemidesmus indicus R.Br. by Stem Cuttings  | 
D. Raghu Ramulu, K. Sri Rama Murthy, T. Pullaiah 1505-1508
Total views: 338