Volume 131, Issue 9, September 2005

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Table of Contents


Raising 'kyoto Forests' in the Different Bio-geographic Zones of India - a Profitability Analysis  | 
Promode Kant 1105-1120
Total views: 162
Genetic Variation in Indian Teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) Populations Assayed through Rapd Markers  | 
A. Nicodemus, B. Nagarajan, C. Narayanan, M. Varghese, K. Subramanian 1121-1131
Total views: 272
Solute Leaching in Effluent-irrigated Clay Soil in South-eastern Australia  | 
Anil K. Hooda, Chris Weston, Neeta Hooda 1132-1157
Total views: 187
Status of Joint Forest Management in Nagaland  | 
S. P. Tripathi 1158-1170
Total views: 392
Response of Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Dalbergia sissoo Fertilizers in Sodic Soil  | 
S. B. Singh, Anubha Srivastav, S. Bhatnagar 1171-1177
Total views: 192
Impact of Biotic Disturbances on Vegetation and Litter Accumulation in Alpine Meadows of Nandadevi Biosphere Reserve  | 
Sanjeeva K. Singh, J. P. N. Rai 1178-1186
Total views: 209
Clonal Variation in Basic Density and Anatomical Properties of Eucalyptus tereticornis - Four to Five Years  | 
R. Vijendra Rao, S. Shashikala, P. Sreevani, V. Kothiyal 1187-1200
Total views: 189
Inter-relationsmp between Geology, Soil and Vegetation in Raipur Range of Mussoorie Forest Division, Uttaranchal  | 
A. K. Raina, M. N. Jha 1201-1211
Total views: 530
Populus gamblei Dode - a Tree New to Nagaland, India  | 
H. B. Naithani, S. C. Deorani, T. Abenba Yaden 1212-1216
Total views: 404
Plant Community and Diversity Patterns within the Forested Landscape of North-eastern U. P.  | 
S. K. Pande, R. P. Shukla 1217-1226
Total views: 189
Studies on Mycoflora and Mycotoxin Infestationin Shorea robusta Gaertn. f  | 
Punam Kumari Singh, A. N. Shukla 1227-1234
Total views: 175

Research Notes

Insect Pests of Robinia pseudoacacia and Paulownia tomentosa in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh  | 
T. D. Verma, Ajay Sharma, Anil Sood 1235-1237
Total views: 176
Occurance of Calamus gracilis Roxb. in Sylhet District of Bangladesh  | 
Rowshon Ara 1238-1240
Total views: 141
Effect of Seed Grading on Germination Pattern and Seedling Development of Buchanania lanzan Spreng  | 
D. L. Nandeshwar, K. S. Negi, A. K. Patra 1241-1243
Total views: 198

Forest Notes And Observations

Fasciation-growth Abnormalities in Manilkara zapota Tree  | 
Kamla Uniyal 1244-1245
Total views: 211