Volume 135, Issue 1, January 2009

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Editorial  | 
Total views: 252


Above Ground Productivity and Carbon Sequestration Potential of Eucalyptus Hybrid in Punjab  | 
A. S. Dogra, S. C. Sharma 3-16
Total views: 475
Measuring Pattern Diversity in a Watershed of Kumaun Himalayas, Nainital District, Uttarakhand  | 
N. K. Sharma, G. S. Rawat, A. K. Tiwari 17-27
Total views: 285
Ethno-medicinal Plants Used to Treat Gynaecological Disorders by Tribal Peoples of Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal, India  | 
P. K. Pandit, R. K. Bhakat 28-46
Total views: 289
Soil Water Interaction under Different Tree Plantations  | 
M. N. Jha, M. K. Gupta, Rajiv Pandey 47-54
Total views: 253
Study on Regeneration Potential and Sustainable Harvesting of Valeriana wallichii Propagated under Different Media  | 
Neelam Rawat, M. Z Singson, B. P. Tamta, Attar Singh 55-59
Total views: 278
Propagation and Growh Performance of Hedychium spicatum Smith. under Different Hormonal and Soil Treatments  | 
A. S. Bisht, B. P. Nautiyal, A. B. Bhatt 60-66
Total views: 277
Taxonomic Identity, Ecological Niche and Distribution of Two Restricted Range Bamboo Species of Meghalaya - Phyllostachys mannii Gamble and Sinarundinaria griffithiana (Munro) C.S. Chao & Renvoize  | 
S. K. Barik, Evanylla Khar Lyngdoh, H. B. Naithani 67-77
Total views: 346
Deficiency of Zinc in Poplar Nursery and Plantations in Punjab and its Amelioration  | 
Baljit Singh, R. I. S. Gill, Navneet Kaur 78-83
Total views: 522
Genetic Variation among Open Pollinated Progenies of Melia azedarach under Nursery and Field Conditions  | 
G. P. S. Dhillon, D. S. Sidhu, B. Singh, A. Singh 84-88
Total views: 252
Synedrella vialis (Less.) A. Gray - a New Record to the Flora of Himachal Pradesh  | 
Brij Lal, O. M. Parkash, Varun Sharma, R. D. Singh, S. K. Uniyal 89-91
Total views: 412
Progeny Performance of Plus Trees of Toona ciliata M. Roem. under Nursery and Field Conditions  | 
Vijay Rana, Rameshwar , Atul , Punam 92-98
Total views: 296
Variation and Character Association for Various Pulp Biochemical Traits in Tamarindus indica L.  | 
B. N. Divakara 99-110
Total views: 300
Assessment of Microbial Diversity in Rhizosphere of Ficus religiosa Tree at Different Moisture Levels  | 
Prateek Shilpkar, Mayur C. Shah, Kinjal Modi 111-116
Total views: 333
Management of Metal Contaminated Wastelands by Fern Species  | 
Alka Kumari, K. P. Tripathi 117-125
Total views: 286
Beta Asarone - an Anti-microbial Compound from Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus Linn.)  | 
C. K. Venil, Suresh S. S. Raja 126-132
Total views: 567

Research Notes

Genetic Diversity of Annona Sp. in Bay Islands  | 
D. R. Singh 133-136
Total views: 247
Albino Seedlings and its Genetic Significance in Humboldtia vahliana Wight and Syzygium mundagom (Bourd.) Chithra - two Endemic Trees of Southern Western Ghats  | 
P. A. Jose, N. Mohanan, A. Hussain 137-139
Total views: 263
Ethno-medicinal Plants Used for Dental Troubles by the Bhil Tribe of Ratlam District (M.P.) India  | 
Dinesh Jadhav 140-142
Total views: 260


T. Jeyadev (1921-2008)  | 
M.H. 144-144
Total views: 230

National Awards For Excellence In Forestry By Icfre

2006-2008  | 
Total views: 552