Volume 136, Issue 2, February 2010

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Seed Source Variation in Chlorophyll Contents of Leaves of Acacia nilotica (Linn.) Willd. Ex Del ssp. Indica (Benth.) Brenan (Babul) Under Different Water Stress Conditions  | 
M. Ayoub Dar, S. Nautiyal, Meena Bakshi, Sajad Razvi 148-157
Total views: 235
Bacillus firmus as Bio-controlling Agent for Seed-borne and Nursery Pathogens of Forest Tree Species  | 
V. S. Dadwal, Jamaluddin 158-162
Total views: 549
Production and Decomposition of Litter in Plantation Forests of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Along Canal Command Area in Indian Desert  | 
N. Bala, Pramod Kumar, N. K. Bohra, N. K. Limba, S. R. Baloch, G. Singh 163-172
Total views: 239
Study of Plant Diversity in Kandi Region of Himachal Pradesh  | 
V. K. Chauhan, R. S. Rana, A. K. Joshi, Vinod Dholta 173-181
Total views: 256
Impact of Indarbela quadrinotata on the Growth of Casuarina equisetifol1a  | 
K. R. Sasidharan, R. V. Varma, M. Sivaram 182-186
Total views: 278
Contract Tree Farming in Tamil Nadu - a Successful Industrial Farm Forestry Model  | 
K. T. Parthiban, R. Seenivasan, M. Govinda Rao 187-197
Total views: 2029
Genetic and Phenotypic Variation Studies Among Half-sib Progenies of Eucalyptus tereticornis  | 
Ajay Thakur, Dalbara Singh Sidhu 198-204
Total views: 210
Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Strains on Biomass Production and P, Cu, Zn Uptake in Prosopis cineraria  | 
Neelam Verma, J. C. Tarafdar, K. K. Srivastava 205-214
Total views: 225
Floristic Diversity of Bhimbetka World Heritage Site (Madhya Pradesh) - an Over View  | 
Tariq Husain, Bhaskar Datt, L. B. Chaudhary, A. K. Asthana, Priyanka Agnihotri 215-223
Total views: 291
Occurrence of Calamus acanthospathus Griff. and C. Travencoricus Bedd. in Bandarban District of Bangladesh  | 
Rowshon Ara 224-227
Total views: 200
Notes on Growth and Flowering Behaviour of Liparis cordifolia J.D. Hook (Orchidaceae) a Beautiful Terrestrial Orchid  | 
Ram Pal, V. S. Nagrare, M. Dayamma 228-233
Total views: 220
Biomass Production and Carbon Sequestration in Different Agroforestry Systems in Tarai Region of Central Himalaya  | 
Anil Kumar Yadava 234-244
Total views: 345
Azadirachta indica A. Juss. (Neem): Reproductive Studies in Relation to Spermidine Application  | 
Suhani Sabherwal, K. K. Dhir 245-256
Total views: 584
Host Record, Description of Male and First Record of Proleurocerus litoralis Hayat and Kazmi (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Encyrtidae) from Doon Valley, Uttarakhand, India  | 
Sudhir Singh 257-261
Total views: 230

Research Notes

Bambusa manipureana and Dendrocalamus manipureanus Two New Species of Bamboo from Manipur, India  | 
H. B. naithani, N. S. Bisht 262-265
Total views: 613
Air-layering in Gardenia gummifera L. F.  | 
A. K. Sharda, S. K. Verma 266-268
Total views: 197
Record of Mango Mealybug, Rastrococcus iceryoides (Green) (Pseudococcidae: Hemiptera) on Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre in Karnataka  | 
R. Sundararaj, R. Devaraj 269-270
Total views: 204
Potential of Girardinia heterophylla (Dans kandali) as a Future Fiber in Textile/Cordage Industry  | 
Abhay Bahuguna, Nisha Tripathi, Anshul Chandra 271-272
Total views: 191
New Distributional Record of Eastern Black Turtle, Melanochelys trijuga indopeninsularis from Simbalwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh  | 
Uttam Saikia, H. S. Mehta, D. K. Sharma 273-275
Total views: 212

Views And Expressions

Redd-plus at Copenhagen: a Win Win Situation for all Participating Nations  | 
Y. R. S. Rawat 276-278
Total views: 166

Forest Notes And Observations

Notes on the Genus Bauhinia (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae)  | 
S. Bandyopadhyay 279-281
Total views: 181