Volume 136, Issue 3, March 2010

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Table of Contents


Opportunities for Carbon Sequestration Benefits from Growing Trees of Medicinal Importance on Farm Lands of Haryana  | 
Mohit Gera, Suresh Chauhan 287-300
Total views: 384
Effect on Productivity in Rainfall Dependent Competition between Vigna radiata and Hardwickia binata in Arid Zone Agroforestry  | 
G. Singh 301-315
Total views: 184
Preliminary Observations on Performance of Grafted Planting Material of Terminalia bellerica (Gaertn) Roxb. and it's Economics of Cultivation  | 
S. P. Sisodiya, Z. J. Chavada, A. J. Amin, Santosh Kumar Singh 316-321
Total views: 219
Correlation and Path Coefficient Studies in Simarouba glauca DC.  | 
K. Kumaran, K. Nesamani, M. Govinda Rao 322-330
Total views: 215
Effect of Season, Position of Node and Growth Regulating Substances on Adventitious Root Induction in an Edible Bamboo, Dendrocalamus brandish (Munro) Kurz.  | 
V. P. Raveendran, K. K. Seethalakshmi, C. M. Jijeesh 331-343
Total views: 405
First Record of Trichurus spiralis Hasselbring on Seeds of Acacia nilotica : a New Report  | 
K. K. Soni, Mamta Purohit, Jamaluddin 344-348
Total views: 209
"Nursery Raising and Management of an Exotic Edible Bamboo, Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel Ex H. De Lehaie (Moso Bamboo)"  | 
Om Prakash, Anil Sood 349-353
Total views: 351
New Distribution Records of Some Orchids from Chhattisgarh State (Kanger Valley National Park), India  | 
Amit Kotia, Pankaj Kumar, Umesh Kumar L. Tiwari, Amar Nath Parsad, Gopal Singh Rawat 354-358
Total views: 309
Effect of Moist Stratification (Warm, Cold & Warm + Cold) on Seed Germination Parameters of Ash (Fraxinus floribunda Wallich.) Tree  | 
A. H. Mughal, Raja Shoaib 359-364
Total views: 319
Addition of Two Genera, Nothapodytes Blume and Fagraea Thunb. to the Flora of Eastern Ghats, India  | 
M. Murugesan, K. Amirthalingam, E. Balasubramanian 365-368
Total views: 172
Healing of Boreholes in Pinus roxburghh Sargent (Chir Pine)  | 
Chander Lekha, Kulwant Rai Sharma 369-374
Total views: 191
Floristic and Ecological Studies of Bakhira Wetland, Uttar Pradesh, India  | 
Sanjay Mishra, Satya Narain 375-381
Total views: 213
Cherrapunjee's Forest-fire: Need Immediate Control Measure  | 
B. Gogoi, R. K. Borah 382-387
Total views: 214
Vertwillium Wilt of Polyalthia longifolia - a New Disease Report from India  | 
Rajesh Kumar, Debu Moni Baruah, Ashwani Tapwal, R. K. Borah 388-392
Total views: 716

Research Notes

Kusmi Lac Cultivation on Prosopis juliflora (Ganda Bawel) in Gujarat  | 
Y. D. Mishra, Bangali Babo, H. S. Singh, S. P. Sisodiya, R. K. Singh, A. J. Amin 393-396
Total views: 247
Albinism in Bixa orellana (L.)  | 
K. Kumaran, S. Kala, M. Govinda Rao 397-399
Total views: 154
First Record of Hyposidira talaca Walker(Lepidoptera:Geomeridae) on Perilia frutescens Linn.  | 
Neelam Uniyal, Sudhir Singh 400-401
Total views: 163
Occurrence of Urochloa mosambicensis (Hack.) Dandy (Poaceae) in Andhra Pradesh, India  | 
B. Sadasivaiah, P. Priyadarsini, S. Khadar Basha, B. Ravi Prasad Rao 402-405
Total views: 180
Cephalostachyum longwanum - a New Species of Bamboo from Nagaland, India  | 
H. B. Naithani 406-407
Total views: 574

Views And Expressions

Requiem to Conservation, the Scheduled Tribes and other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act of 2006  | 
S. Parameswarappa 408-419
Total views: 183