Volume 136, Issue 8, August 2010

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Table of Contents


Loss of Soil and Moisture from Forest Areas  | 
K. R. Patel 1136-1136
Total views: 168


Vegetative Propagation of Rhododendron arboreum Sm. Using FRI-wire Technique  | 
Peerzada Ishtiyak Ahmad, Lokho Puni 1003-1005
Total views: 334
Influence of Seed Fortification Treatment with Inorganic Nutrients and Growth Regulators on Seed and Seedling Quality Characteristics in Bamboo (Bambusa bambosa)  | 
K. Krishnaveni, I. Sekar, P. Arul Rajan, M. Govinda Rao 1006-1012
Total views: 1006
Studies on Flowering Behavior and Seed Characteristics of Dendrocalamus giganteus  | 
Parvez Jalil, P. K. Shukla 1013-1017
Total views: 197
Wood Anatomy of Indian Shrubs: Part I- Family Lamiaceae  | 
Seema Bhandari, Sangeeta Gupta, Anuj Kumar, Naveen Kumar 1018-1023
Total views: 268
GIS Based Forest Cover Change Analysis of S.P.S.P. Forest Range, Pirpanjal Forest Division, Jammu and Kashmir  | 
Humayun Rashid, Gowhar Naseem, Majid Faroq, Tufail Mohideen, Arif Amin 1024-1033
Total views: 229
Genetic Analysis of Important Morpho-economic Traits in Periwinkle, Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don  | 
Maneesha Singh, Samresh Dwivedi 1034-1050
Total views: 237
Occurrence of Some Rare, Endangered and Red Listed Endemic Plants in Velliangiri Hills, a Part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India  | 
M. Murugesan, V. Balasubramaniam 1051-1067
Total views: 394
Efficient Utilization of Degraded Lands for Green Biomass Production Through Silvi-pastoral System in Doon Valley  | 
Charan Singh 1068-1077
Total views: 183
Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorous on the Biomass Production of Phyllanthus amarus at Nursery Stage  | 
Anita Tomar, Rashmi Chamoli, V. R. R. Singh 1078-1082
Total views: 276
Status and Improvement Strategies of Conifer Forests of Western Himalayas with Special Reference to Kashmir Region  | 
R. Banyal, N. A. Masoodi, S. A. Gangoo, Ravi Kumar, S. N. Zaffar, Safiq Trambu 1083-1095
Total views: 196
Effect of Storage Temperature on Germination Behaviour of Seeds of Himalayan Hornbeam (Carpinus viminea L.)  | 
Deepti Verma, Gajendra Singh, Nirmal Ram, Manisha Thapliyal 1096-1103
Total views: 211
Ethnobotany of Wild Plants of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, Uttarakhand  | 
Ranjeet Kaur, S. P. Joshi 1104-1118
Total views: 303
Biology of Phalantha phalantha Drury (Lepidoptera : Nymphaliidae), a Pest of Populus deltowes Bartr  | 
Rajani Ahluwalia 1119-1124
Total views: 188

Research Notes

Report of Flowering of Bambusa vulgaris Shrad. ex Wendl. in Orissa: 2006-07  | 
N. Bhola, H. Nayak 1125-1128
Total views: 161
Field Screening of Terminalia arjuna Bedd. and T. tomentosa W.&A. for Leaf Spot and Black Nodal Girdling Diseases  | 
R. Kumar Gargi, M. K. Singh, B. C. Prasad 1129-1132
Total views: 172

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

The Bamboo Forests of the Ganges Division, U.P.  | 
W. H. Lovegrove 1133-1135
Total views: 153


"Minor Forest Produce Used in Pharmaceutical and Other Industries" by T. Krishna Murthy, IFS (Retd.)  | 
H. B. Nathani 1137-1137
Total views: 160
"Minor Forest Products of India" (Non-Timber Forest Products) Second Edition, by T. Krishna Murthy, IFS (Retd.)  | 
H. B. Nathani 1137-1138
Total views: 321


M.P. Gupta, IFS  | 
J. L. S. 1139-1139
Total views: 153
S.C. Gaur, IFS  | 
J. L. S. 1140-1140
Total views: 159

Gazette Notifications

Gazette Notifications  | 
Total views: 157