Volume 132, Issue 4, April 2006

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Table of Contents


Editorial  | 
Total views: 151


Forestry Education and Training in India - Past, Present and Future  | 
A. K. Goyal 399-407
Total views: 186
A Study on Socio-Economic Aspects of Wildlife Offences in a Few Districts of Madhya Pradesh (India)  | 
Suchitra Banerjee, A. K. Bhattacharya 408-419
Total views: 229
Litter Decomposition in Eucalyptus and Pines Plantations and Natural Sal Forests Related to Micro-Arthropods in Different Season in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh  | 
D. K. Shadangi, V. Nath 420-428
Total views: 170
A Contribution to Woody Plant Diversity of Doon Valley, Uttaranchal (North-West Himalaya)  | 
P. S. Negi 429-455
Total views: 210
Decomposition Pattern and Nutrient Dynamics in Leaf Litter of Populus deltoides Marsh. In Himachal Pradesh  | 
R. Kaushal, K. S. Verma, K. N. Singh 456-466
Total views: 180
A New Technique for Transplantation of Seedlings of Six MPTs Trees on Highly Saline Soil in Arid India  | 
K. Bimlendra, O. P. Toky 467-473
Total views: 227
Ethno-Medico-Botany of Chakmas in Arunachal Pradesh, India  | 
R. Sarmah, A. Arunachalam, U. Melkania, M. Majumder, D. Adhikari 474-484
Total views: 251
Studies on Germination, Viability and Vigour in Indian Barberry (Berberis aristata DC.) - an Endangered Medicinal Plant Species of Western Himalayas  | 
Anju Thakur, P. S. Thakur, Richa Mehta 485-492
Total views: 463
Growth Assessment of Acacia catechu under Resource Constraints  | 
Aditi Sharma, D. Tripathi 493-501
Total views: 178
Seed Storage Studies in Aegle marmelos and Feronia elephantum  | 
V. Sivakumar, Rekha. R. Warrier, R. Anandalakshmi, R. Parimalam, S. N. Vijaya Chandaran, B. Gurudev Singh 502-506
Total views: 345

Research Notes

Distribution and Description of Indigofera trita L.F. Spp. Subulata (Vahl Ex Poir) Ali - A Rare Plant in the Kolli Hill of Tamil Nadu  | 
A. Ramachandran, S. Soosairaj, S. Jayakumar 507-508
Total views: 178
Effect of Different NPK Doses on the Plant Growth and Rhizome Yield in Curcuma zedoria (Christm.) Rosc. (Karchoor) : a less Known Medicinal Plant Introduced in Uttaranchal  | 
A. K. Sharma, K. S. Negi, H. Y. Shukla, S. K. Pareek 509-513
Total views: 177
Effect of Boundary Plantations of Ulmus laeviegata Royle and Populus deltoides Bartr. Ex. Marsh in Balh Valley of Himachal Pradesh  | 
Nawa Bahar 514-516
Total views: 152


Romesh Chander Datta  | 
PCCF , H. P. 524-524
Total views: 158

Forest Notes And Observations

Occurrence of Powdery Mildew on Seabuckthorn in Himachal Pradesh  | 
Narender K. Bharat 517-517
Total views: 167

Letters To The Editor

Flowering of Bamboos in Arunachal Pradesh  | 
Tika Prasad Sharma 523-523
Total views: 148