Volume 132, Issue 11, November 2006

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Table of Contents


Evaluation of Different Clones of Eucalyptus in Punjab  | 
Piare Lal, A. S. Dogra, S. C. Sharma, G. B. S. Chahal 1383-1390
Total views: 441
Investigation on Soil Erodibility Under Different Land Use Patterns of Certain Soils of Sub-Montane Punjab, India  | 
M. S. Kahlon 1391-1397
Total views: 259
Household Consumption Pattern of Fuel Energy and Emerging Crisis : An Analytical Investigation in a Regional Perspective  | 
R. M. Mallik 1398-1418
Total views: 180
Diversity and Composition of Tree Species Regeneration in the Secondary Forests of Chittagong, Bangladesh  | 
MD. Shah Newaz 1419-1428
Total views: 220
Nutrient Release through Decomposition in Different Plantations at New Forest of Doon Valley  | 
P. K. Pande 1429-1441
Total views: 175
Medicinal Plants of Tadoba National Park  | 
Pradnya G. Giradkar, S. G. Yeragi 1442-1452
Total views: 288
Notes on a Few Rare, Endemic and Red Listed Species from High Range (Mannavanshola) near Munnar, Idukki District, Kerala State  | 
P. S. Udayan 1453-1464
Total views: 199
Variation Study in Prosopis cineraria (L.) Druce Provenances through Electrophoresis of Total Seed Protein  | 
M. S. Hooda, D. Chopra 1465-1470
Total views: 193
IPM Approach for the Control of Major Defoliators of Primary Tasar Food Plants  | 
S. P. Sharma, Ram Kishore, B. R. R. P. Sinha, K. Thangavelu 1471-1476
Total views: 207
Effect of Pretreatment on Seed Germination of Pinus roxburghii, Sarg. in Uttaranchal Himalaya, India  | 
Atul Pandit, Jeet Ram 1477-1486
Total views: 208
Evaluation of Seed-Borne Fungi of Pinus roxburghii  | 
P. S. Rawat, Nidhi Punj, Kirti Joshi, N. S. K. Harsh 1487-1492
Total views: 181
Effect of Cone Worm, Dioryctria abietella Denis and Schiffermuller (Lepidoptera : Pyralidae) on the Seed Efficiency of Pinus wallichiana  | 
R. S. Bhandari, Babita Dobhal, Swati Pande 1493-1498
Total views: 190
In-vitro Efficacy of Trichoderma Species and Fungicides against Ganoderma lucidum  | 
C. K. Tiwari, R. K. Verma, K. K. Soni, Jamaluddin 1499-1503
Total views: 433
Additions to the Family Asteraceae in Flora of Gorakhpur  | 
Satya Narain, Kanchan Lata 1504-1508
Total views: 209

Research Notes

Hibiscus surattensis Linn. And Hibiscus panduriformis Burm. F. - Little Known Species from the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu  | 
A. Ramachandran, S. Soosairaj 1509-1510
Total views: 218
Estimating Maturity of Albizia lebbek Seed Using Leachate Conductivity  | 
S. D. Bhardwaj, Pankaj Panwar, Manisha Kumar 1511-1513
Total views: 172
Planting Trees on Field Boundary and its Impact on Crops  | 
A. S. Gill 1514-1518
Total views: 151
Preliminary Studies on the Seedling Root Rot of Acacia catechu in Himachal Pradesh  | 
Manica Tomar, R. C. Sharma 1519-1524
Total views: 155
Inter-clonal Variation in Leaf Shape of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. in Clonal Seed Orchard  | 
S. K. Verma, S. K. Sharma, Neeraj Sharma 1525-1527
Total views: 169
Scope of Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Jharkhand  | 
A. K. Patra 1528-1530
Total views: 772


R.G. Mehta  | 
D.G.S. 1541-1541
Total views: 156

Forest Notes And Observations

Sporadic Flowering of Bambusa vulgaris Shrad. in Orissa - 2005  | 
N. Bhola 1531-1533
Total views: 169
Observation on Self-Watering in Bamboo  | 
S.A.S. Biswas 1534-1534
Total views: 158