Volume 132, Issue 1, January 2006

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Table of Contents


Assessment of Half-Sib Progeny of Candidate Plus Trees and Clonally Propagated Eucalyptus  | 
A. S. Dogra, R. K. Luna 3-10
Total views: 227
Present Status and Future Prospects of Joint Forest Management in West Bengal  | 
S. K. Sarkar 11-18
Total views: 417
Phytosociological Analysis of Arnigad Micro-watershed in Mussoorie Hills of Garhwal Himalayas  | 
Sanjeev , Mohit Gera, Prem Lall Sankhayan 19-30
Total views: 240
Dependence of Local People and Issues in Conserving Local Resources : Case of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Jharkhand  | 
Sanjay Srivastava 31-42
Total views: 217
The Medicinal Plants of Hatikote Forests of District Mayurbhanj, Orissa - Need for Conservation  | 
J. Kumar, S. D. Rout, M. K. Das 43-53
Total views: 448
Anthrax Incidence and its Control by Vaccinating Greater One Horned Rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) against Anthrax in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal, India  | 
P. K. Pandit, S. P. Sinha 54-65
Total views: 403
A Preliminary Study on Habitat Amelioration of Abandoned Maldhari Nesses in Gir National Park and Sanctuary  | 
B. P. Pati, Belim M. Hanif 66-72
Total views: 826
Mechanical Anisotropy of Birch (Betula pubescens), Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Norway Spruce (Picea abies)  | 
Lawrence Awoyemi 73-78
Total views: 195
Generalised Diameter-Height Equations for Even-Aged Stands of Azadirachta indica in Gujarat State of India  | 
V. P. Tewari 79-90
Total views: 173
Regeneration Behaviour of Important Tree Species in Relation to Disturbance in Joint Forest Management Adopted Village-Forests in Satpura Plateau, Madhya Pradesh, India  | 
P. K. Pande 91-104
Total views: 190
Tree Growth and Biomass Production in Melia azedarach on Farm Boundaries in a Semi-arid Region  | 
M. M. Roy, P. S. Pathak, A. K. Rai, Deepak Kushwaha 105-110
Total views: 241
Demand and Supply of Bamboo in Majuli - a Case Study  | 
R. R. Kalita, A. Chandra, H. Mishra, N. N. Zhasa 111-117
Total views: 203
A New Report of Geophila repens (L.) I.M. Johnston - a Species Rare to the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu  | 
A. Ramachandran, S. Soosairaj, S. Jayakumar 118-120
Total views: 225

Research Notes

A New Twig Canker Disease of Eucalyptus camaldulensis from India  | 
N. S. K. Harsh, H. K. Gupta, H. S. Ginwal 121-124
Total views: 191
Studies on Root Suckering Ability of Robinia pseudoacacia Linn. In Temperate Region of Western Himalayas  | 
Nawa Bahar, Prakash Chand 125-126
Total views: 154
A Comparative Study of Stomata of Tissue Culture Raised Plants and Seedlings of Oroxylum indicum Vent  | 
Parveen , V. K. Sharma, A. K. Mandal 127-129
Total views: 182

Forest Notes And Observations

Survival of Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver) under Fire Hazard - an Observation  | 
Brij Lal, G. P. Uttam, A. K. Sharma 130-131
Total views: 170


Soil, Water and Bio-environment Conservation by Dr. Sheelwant Patel  | 
M. K. N. 132-132
Total views: 153