Volume 135, Issue 7, July 2009

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Effect of Lantana camara Linn. on Biomass Production and Carrying Capacity of forest Areas of Shiwalik Hills of Punjab  | 
R. K. Luna, R. K. Manhas, S. Banyal, S. K. Kamboj 869-879
Total views: 383
Status and Distribution Pattern of Rhododendron Species in Temperate and Sub-alpine Hill Ranges of Mount Esii and Surrounding in Manipur and Nagaland, India  | 
A. A. Mao, J. Y. Yumnam, R. Gogoi, A. Pinokiyo 880-890
Total views: 11812
Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Diversity of Himalayan Cold Desert with Reference to Spiti Valley of North-west Himalayas  | 
R. S. Rawat, Vaneet Jishtu, K. S. Kapoor 891-904
Total views: 288
Assessment of Mineral Content of Tree Leaf Litter of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and its Impact on Properties of Sodic Soil  | 
J. N. Singh, S. P. Chaturvedi 905-913
Total views: 366
Reproductive Biology of Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Del. subsp. indica Benth  | 
K. ChandraSekar, V. Ganesan 914-926
Total views: 402
Diversity and Distribution Pattern of Tree Species in Niyamgiri Hill Ranges, Orissa, India  | 
P. K. Dash, P. P. Mohapatra, Y. Giri Rao 927-942
Total views: 291
Development of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizosphere Microflora as Inoculants for Walnut (Juglans regia L.)  | 
Nissar A. Dar, M. A. Khan, M. Y. Zargar 943-953
Total views: 292
Status, Distribution and Management of Newly Identified Wild Rose Rosa soulieana Crep. in Kaziranga National Park  | 
S. K. Sagar, K. Sivakumar 954-959
Total views: 261
Population Assessment of Trichoderma piluliferum Using a Modified Selective Medium  | 
Kirti Joshi, N. S. K. Harsh 960-964
Total views: 306
Standardization of in-vivo Nitrate Reductase Activity in Crotalaria burhia Leaves  | 
S. P. Chaukiyal 965-969
Total views: 269
Phytosociological Studies of Woody Vegetation along the Disturbance Gradient in Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest of Hastinapur  | 
Poonam Khurana 970-980
Total views: 348
Biomass and Carbon Allocation in Different Parts of Agroforestry Tree Species  | 
Sanjeev K. Chauhan, Naveen Gupta, Ritu , Sudhir Yadav, Rajni Chauhan 981-993
Total views: 519
Rapid Regeneration of Bambusa nutans Munro. from Shoot and Leaf Explants  | 
Sanjay Kalia, S. K. Sharma 994-1002
Total views: 250

Research Notes

Germination Study of Tree Legume Mundulea sericea (Willd.) A. Cheval  | 
P. Kalavathi, P. Amrutha Lakshmi, T. Pullaiah 1003-1007
Total views: 221
Threat to Allium roylei Stearn of Jammu Shivaliks: Proximate Causes  | 
Geeta Sharma, R. N. Gohil 1008-1010
Total views: 299