Volume 132, Issue 10, October 2006

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Table of Contents


Conservation of Tiger (Panthera tigris) and its Habitats - Experiences of Co-existence of People and Protected Area from Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, India  | 
A. K. Bhardwaj, Pramod G. Krishnan, K. Geetha, A. Veeramani 1233-1242
Total views: 269
Growing Man-Leopard Conflicts in Gujarat State, India  | 
H. S. Singh 1243-1253
Total views: 295
Impact of Elephant Camp Induced Disturbance on Established Teak Reserves - A Study from Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, Western Ghats, India  | 
V. Prabhakaran, P. R. Shankar, S. T. Panneerselvam 1254-1265
Total views: 189
Successful Restraint and Relocation of Wild Elephant Using Xylazine Hydrochloride  | 
Parag Nigam, Samir Sinha, Sushant Choudhary, Pradeep Malik, A. S. Negi 1266-1270
Total views: 253
Birds of Summer Hill, Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)  | 
V. K. Mattu, M. L. Thakur 1271-1281
Total views: 656
Note on Ngengpui and Palak Wildlife Sanctuaries in South Mizoram  | 
H. Lalramanghinglova, Lalnuntluanga , L. K. Jha. 1282-1291
Total views: 733
Protected Areas in Gujarat : Prospects and Perspectives  | 
Diwakar Sharma, Deepa Gavali 1292-1302
Total views: 382
Livestock Population Vis-a-vis Common Property Land Resources : Trends from Gujarat  | 
C. S. Silori, C. P. Geevan, A. M. Dixit 1303-1314
Total views: 218
Biodiversity Conservation and Management in Kumaon Himalayas : Assessment of Socio-Economic Status and Threat Perception  | 
Orus Ilyas, Jamal A. Khan 1315-1328
Total views: 309
Status of the Black Dammar Tree (Canarium strictum Roxb.) in Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala and the Uses of Black Dammar  | 
Jomy Augustine, Pramod G. Krishnan 1329-1335
Total views: 640
Developmental Conflict and its Impact on Biodiversity of Pench National Park, Maharashtra, India  | 
Alka Chaturvedi, G. Phani Kumar 1336-1342
Total views: 253
A Review of the Legal Tools for Management of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, West Bengal, India  | 
Sangita Dey, H. S. Debnath, P. K. Sikdar 1343-1356
Total views: 355

Research Notes

Understanding Reasons behind Degrading Habitat of Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary : A Bionomical Approach  | 
P. Srivastava 1357-1362
Total views: 178
Common Butterflies of Chahala Range of Similipal Tiger Reserve, Orissa, India.  | 
H. K. Sahu, Jyotirmay Jena, S. K. Dutta, S. D. Rout 1363-1366
Total views: 249
Seasonal Drosophila Diversity in Shankaraghatta : A Semi-deciduous Area in the Western Ghats  | 
V. Vasudev, Y. Sharat Chandra, H. K. Prakash, M. N. Nagaraj, A. V. Sreedevi 1367-1369
Total views: 184
Leea Spp. (Fam. Vitaceae) : A Paradise for Butterflies and other Insects  | 
Naresh Chaturvedi, Vinod Patil 1370-1372
Total views: 221

Forest Notes And Observations

Participatory Protected Area Management  | 
S. S. Chaudhary 1373-1375
Total views: 187
Status of Elephants in Jharkhand  | 
D. S. Srivastava, Sangam Lahiri 1376-1379
Total views: 213