Volume 132, Issue 7, July 2006

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Table of Contents


Soil Diversity of Andaman & Nicobar Islands  | 
S. Ghoshal Chaudhuri, R. Dinesh, R. Raja, N. Ravisankar, Sashi Kumar 779-784
Total views: 906
Genetic Variability and Character Association in Acacia catechu Willd  | 
Mohit Gera, Neelu Gera 785-794
Total views: 162
Effect of Vermiwash Solution on over-aged Seedlings in Root Trainer Nursery  | 
P. S. Rao, V. Murali, K. Venkaiah 795-798
Total views: 185
Sal Heartwood Borer in Madhya Pradesh  | 
K. C. Joshi, N. Roychoudhury, N. Kulkarni, S. Sambath 799-808
Total views: 725
Rehabilitation of Degraded Dry Lands of Indian Arid Zone through Direct Seeding  | 
G. Singh, T. R. Rathod 809-817
Total views: 175
Effect of Planting Method on Bio-fence Species, Crop Yield and Soil Conservation in Semi-arid Regions of India  | 
S. K. N. Math, S. L. Patil, R. N. Adhikari, Vasudev K. Lamani 818-828
Total views: 228
Influence of Stratification on Germination of Ban Oak (Quercus leucotrichophora Camus Ex Bahadur)  | 
Jagdish Gautam, S. D. Bhardwaj 829-833
Total views: 210
Contribution to the Fern Flora of South Andaman  | 
D. R. Singh, R. P. Medhi 834-840
Total views: 165
Responses of Multipurpose Tree Species to Two Successive Summer Droughts after Transplanting  | 
Rachita Sood, P. S. Thakur 841-849
Total views: 206
Traditional Medicinal Practices among the Various Tribal Groups of Kanker District of Bastar Division  | 
Dinesh Mishra, Rajesh , Moyna Chakravarty, M. P. Goutam 850-855
Total views: 236
Employment Potential of Forestry Sector in Himachal Pradesh  | 
Sandeep Kamal, Ramesh C. Kondle 856-867
Total views: 163
Effect of Rhizobium Inoculation and Nitrogen Fertilizer Application on Seedling Growth of Albizia procera (roxb.) Benth  | 
I. P. Bora, A. Baruah, J. Singh 868-877
Total views: 243
Ganoderma Root Rot Incidence in an Afforested Stand of Khair (Acacia catechu Willd.) in Lower Siwaliks of Himachal Pradesh  | 
Ashok Kumar, Surinder Kumar, Ranjeet Singh, Shailendra Kumar 878-884
Total views: 325

Research Notes

On the Occurrence of a Little Known Macaque in Uttaranchal  | 
S. Chandola, G. S. Rawat, H. B. Naithani 885-886
Total views: 170
A Note on Fruiting of Taxus baccata Linn. in the Hedge Garden  | 
S. K. Verma, C. S. Joshi 887-888
Total views: 156
Disappearing Boswellia serrata Roxb. in Sagar District, Madhya Pradesh  | 
A. S. Thakur, P. K. Khare 889-893
Total views: 158
Santalum album Linn. in Himachal Pradesh: to Optimize Media and Polybag Size for Raising Containerized Seedlings  | 
Vipan Guleria 894-898
Total views: 214
Gender Identification in Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.)  | 
V. G. Angadi, Ashutosh Srivastava, Anil Kumar Sethy, G. Ravikumar, K. T. Chandrashekar, Sanjai Mohan 899-902
Total views: 224
First Report of Plant Parasite Cuscuta chinensis Lam. On Acacia nilotica (l) Willd. Ex Del. Ssp. Indica (Benth) Brenan Seedlings in Forest Nursery  | 
J. Prasanth Jacob, V. Mohan, N. Lalitha, N. Srimurugan 903-905
Total views: 156
A Note on the Sporadic Flowering of Sinarundinaria rolloana (Gamble) Chao&renv. (Poaceae-Bambusoideae) from Dzuko Valley, Nagaland  | 
M. Bhaumik, A. A. Mao, H. B. Naithani 906-907
Total views: 162


S. C. Lokre (12.11.1922 - 28.12.2005)  | 
D. G. S. 919-919
Total views: 144
Mahendra Nath Pathak (06.01.1923 - 13.01.2006)  | 
D. G. S. 920-920
Total views: 145

Forest Notes And Observations

Creating an Agro-sylvan Surrounding in the Country  | 
Pandaba Behera 908-910
Total views: 140

Letters To The Editor

Chartered Foresters in Madhya Pradesh - A Boon Or Bane  | 
S. S. Chitwadgi 917-918
Total views: 155