Volume 135, Issue 12, December 2009

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Economic Viability as a Concept in Joint forest Management : a Case Study from the Bankura (North) Division, West Bengal  | 
Sudeep Budhaditya Deb 1607-1617
Total views: 334
Motivation in Forestry  | 
Savita 1618-1626
Total views: 276
Distribution and Conservation Status of Sacred Groves (SGs) in Garo Hills, Meghalaya  | 
R. K. Mohanta, A. K. Bhardwaj, B. S. Adhikari, P. K. Mathur 1627-1649
Total views: 460
Value of Forest Feed to Livestock in Lower Himalayas  | 
Vishwesh Kumar, Rajiv Pandey 1650-1658
Total views: 334
Developing National Carbon Accounting and Monitoring System for India's Forest - an Ecosystem Model Approach  | 
Ajay Kumar Mahapatra 1659-1676
Total views: 249
Morphological Characterization of Terminalia tomentosa - Primary Food Plant of Tasar Silkworm, Antheraea mylitta D.  | 
R. Kumar, Gargi , Alpana Anupam, Richa Supriya, N. B. Vijayprakash 1677-1685
Total views: 1280
Floristic Diversity of Woody Perennials in Katola Range of Mandi forest Division (H.P.)  | 
Vidya Rattan, Ombir Singh 1686-1692
Total views: 271
Vegetative Propagation of Four Important Timber Yielding Species of Kashmir  | 
S. A. Gangoo, N. A. Masoodi, R. Banyal, M. A. Islam 1693-1700
Total views: 298
Effect of Different Growth Regulators Formulations on the Rooting Potential of Mulberry (Morus alba Linn.)  | 
I. K. Thakur, K. C. Chauhan, Charan Singh 1701-1706
Total views: 1119
Observations on the Phenology of Woody Species of Sariska Tiger Reserve in North-eastern Rajasthan  | 
Atar S. Yadav, S. K. Gupta 1707-1715
Total views: 261
Nutrient Harvest through Pruned Material and whole Tree in Populus deltoides Based Agrisilviculture Systems in Central Punjab  | 
M. V. Durai, P. K. Ralhan, R. Sharma, A. Singh, S. Chauhan 1716-1723
Total views: 254
Price Behaviour of 'Kusmi' Lac in Different Markets of West Bengal  | 
Govind Pal 1724-1729
Total views: 783
Litter Decomposition Pattern in Fraxinus excelsior and Ulmus villosa Forests in Different Seasons in Dachigam National Park, J&K, India  | 
Nisar Bhat, Zafar Reshi, Raj Kumar Verma, A. R. Malik 1730-1736
Total views: 255

Research Notes

Impact of Exceptionally High Rain and Snowfall on Chir Pine Plantations in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh  | 
S. K. Bhardwaj, K.S. Verma, N. S. Thakur 1737-1742
Total views: 226
Annex I Countries and Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (Lulucf)  | 
Zainab Hassan, V. R. S. Rawat 1743-1745
Total views: 228
Soil Characteristics of Quercus leucotrichophora and Pinus roxburghii Forests in Garhwal Himalaya  | 
Mehraj A. Sheikh, Munesh Kumar, M. S. Gusain 1746-1749
Total views: 235
New Report of Phytoplanktons from Mullaperiyar Lake, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Western Ghats, Kerala  | 
R. Jithesh Krishnan 1750-1751
Total views: 211
Post Harvest Fungal Infections of Fruits of IVY Gourd  | 
Vishnupriya Sharma 1752-1753
Total views: 233