Volume 134, Issue 6, June 2008

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Modelling to Assess the Role of Physico-chemical Attributes in Drying of Kikar [Acacia nilotica Linn. (Willd.)] Plantations in Punjab  | 
R. Banyal, R. K. Luna, P. Kaushal 721-729
Total views: 241
Quantification and Valuation of Provisioning Services Generated by the Plantations in Haryana  | 
N. S. Bisht, Abhishek Naithani, M. S. Gusain, C. J. Singh 730-736
Total views: 251
Environmental and Health Impacts of Biomass as an Energy Source  | 
Pravin Agrawal, Shashi Malik 737-743
Total views: 242
Vegetation Diversity and Socio-economic Profile Relations in some Selected Villages of Indian Desert  | 
Genda Singh, Sahadev Chouhan, T. R. Rathod 744-756
Total views: 278
Factors Affecting People's Participation in Conservation of Common Property Resources in JFMCs of Himachal Pradesh  | 
M. K. Brahmi, R. N. Sehgal 757-764
Total views: 348
Diversity of Indian Bamboos with Special Reference to North-east India  | 
H. B. Naithani 765-788
Total views: 397
A Contribution to the Biological Diversity of Tarkeshwar Sacred Grove in Garhwal Himalayas  | 
J. C. Ghildiyal, Savita Bisht, Rakhi Jadli 789-800
Total views: 672
Species Diversity and Composition of forest Vegetation of Sagar District in Central India  | 
A. S. Thakur, P. K. Khare 801-813
Total views: 330
Selection of Potential Isolates of Pisolithus albus on Growth Improvement of Eucalyptus tereticornis  | 
Ayswarya Radhakrishnan, Manoranjan Bhanja, V. Mohan, Srinivasa Sastry 814-820
Total views: 246
Community Structure and Diversity of a Moist Deciduous Forest in Uttar Pradesh  | 
Ruchi Upadhyay, Jaswant Singh, Bajrang Singh 821-834
Total views: 262
Studies on Vacuum Press Drying of Populus deltoides  | 
V. S. Kishan Kumar, Sachin Gupta, C. M. Sharma 835-842
Total views: 252

Research Notes

Standardization of Method and Time of Grafting for Mass Multiplication of Thornless Black Locust (Robinia pseudacacia L.)  | 
Manoj Kumar Thakur, Rajesh Chauhan 843-848
Total views: 239
New Record of Seed Pest, Cryptorhynchus indicus Motschulsky (Coleoptera : Curculionidae) in Humboldtia vahliana Wight  | 
P. A. Jose, N. Mohanan, A. Hussain 849-850
Total views: 223
Development of New Technique of Vegetative Propagation for Tree Species  | 
Peer Zada Ishtiyak, Lokho Puni 851-854
Total views: 238

Letters To The Editor

Orchidarium of Similipal Tiger Reserve at Gudugudia, Orissa  | 
B. C. Pal 857-858
Total views: 305