Volume 134, Issue 11, November 2008

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Variation in Rooting Response of Shoot Cuttings in Twenty Clones of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb.  | 
R. K. Luna, Vijay Kumar, Suresh Kumar, Ravi Kumar 1419-1426
Total views: 218
Leadership in Forestry  | 
Savita 1427-1437
Total views: 216
Role of Medicinal Plants in Health Care and Rural Economy in the Tribals of Satpura Plateau Region of Central India  | 
A. K. Pandey, P. K. Shukla 1438-1446
Total views: 264
Assessment of Floristic Composition in JFM-managed and Adjoining Natural forests in Doni Area of Gadag Division, Karnataka  | 
V. Suryanarayana, K. V. Vasantha Reddy, H. Pradeep Kumar, T. S. Hareesh, Vijay Mohan Raj 1447-1454
Total views: 216
Variability in Cone and Seed Characteristics and Germination Behaviour in Various Provenances of Himalayan Cypress (Cupressus torulosa Don)  | 
B. S. Rawat, C. M. Sharma, Sumeet Gairola 1455-1467
Total views: 258
Reproductive Biology of Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) Wt. & Arn.  | 
Seema Chauhan, Shashi Bala Sharma, S. V. S. Chauhan 1468-1478
Total views: 660
Wood Anatomy of Shorea of Yellow Meranti (Meranti Damar Hitam) Group of Malay Peninsula  | 
P. K. Pande, Krishna Bhandari, Magan Singh 1479-1492
Total views: 555
Effect of Root Culturing and Fertilizers on Morphology and Outplanting Survival of Ulmus villosa Seedlings  | 
Sanjeev K. Chauhan, G. K. Sharma, Charan Singh 1493-1504
Total views: 252
Variation in Seed and Fruit Characters of some Commercially Important Agroforestry Species  | 
Sanjeev Thakur, Kamal Sharma, Charan Singh, Atul Gupta 1505-1511
Total views: 228
Study on the Status of Rhizobial Nodulation in Acacia auriculiformis and A. Mangium  | 
K. S. Tamil Selvi, V. Mohan, K. Udaiyan 1512-1520
Total views: 262
Monoterpene Variation in Turpentine of High Resin Yielders and Check Trees in Chir Pine (Pinus roxburghii Sargent)  | 
Ashish U. Nimkar, Kulwant Rai Sharma, Soniya A. Nimkar 1521-1528
Total views: 231
Forest Cover Assessment and Trend (1970s to 2001) in Central India Using Remote Sensing and GIS  | 
Akhlaq Amin Wani 1529-1538
Total views: 274

Research Notes

Diversity of Seed Plants in Deoghar Forest Range, Chakrata forest Division, Dehra Dun  | 
Vishamber Joshi, S. P. Joshi, Sumer Chand 1539-1542
Total views: 237
Occurrence of Vivipary in Papaya Plant (Carica papaya L.)  | 
Tapas K. Chakraborty, Sandip Dev Chaudhuri 1543-1544
Total views: 341
Precocious Flowering in Eucalyptus deglupta Blume. Saplings  | 
A. K. Sharda, S. K. Verma, C. Moharana 1545-1547
Total views: 269


Dr. Ramesh Dayal (13.03.1934 - 04.08.2008)  | 
S. G. 1556-1556
Total views: 202

Forest Notes And Observations

Coppicing in Acacia Auriculiformis Plants  | 
Sudeep Budhaditya Deb 1548-1551
Total views: 227