Volume 133, Issue 7, July 2007

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Table of Contents


Assessment of Exotic Poplar Clones in Punjab  | 
R. K. Luna, Bikram Singh 861-869
Total views: 294
A Catalogue of Orchids Recorded in Saranda Forest Division, West Singhbhum District, Jharkhand  | 
H. S. Gupta, Ajay Kumar 870-876
Total views: 323
Bio-deteriorative Effect on Physico-chemical Properties of Oil of Various Mother Tree Age Classes of Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) Seed during Storage  | 
Devendra Kumar, Dhruv Kumar Mishra, Balbir Singh 877-887
Total views: 285
Traditional Agro-forestry Systems of Sikkim with Special Reference to Large Cardamom-alder Relationship  | 
R. K. Avasthe, Matber Singh, L. S. Srivastava 888-898
Total views: 357
Growth and Yield of Wheat as Affected by Boundary Plantation of Populus deltoides M. in Western Uttar Pradesh  | 
N. K. Sharma, K. S. Dadhwal 899-908
Total views: 350
Effect of Sowing Dates on the Germination and Seedling Growth of Cedrus deodara and Pinus halepensis  | 
M. A. Khan, A. H. Mughal, Javeed Mughloo 909-914
Total views: 289
Ethnopharmacology of Tribals of Ranchi District in Jharkhand  | 
Mohammad Ajaz-ul-islam, N. A. Masoodi 915-926
Total views: 266
Bamboo Scenario of Jorhat District of Assam  | 
Anup Chandra, R. R. Kalita, J. Singh, K. G. Prasad 927-936
Total views: 483
Mortality of Pinus wallichiana by Dwarf Mistletoe in Uttarkashi  | 
P. S. Rawat, Suresh Chandra, Anil Khaneja 937-944
Total views: 282
N and P Retranslocation Efficiency in Three Evergreen Tree Species Planted in Two Different Habitats of Varying Fertility Status  | 
Arvind Singh 945-950
Total views: 302
Soil Salinity and Water Status Effect on Growth of Seedlings of Zizyphus mauritiana (Rhamnaceae)  | 
P. J. Ramoliya, A. N. Pandey 951-962
Total views: 323
Orgram Forest, West Bengal: some Ecological Aspects  | 
Archan Bhattacharya, Ambarish Mukherjee 963-978
Total views: 1476
A Study on the Performance of In-vitro and In-vivo Germination of Propagatory Materials of Certain Medicinal Plants  | 
R. K. S. Tiwari, B. M. Ojha, Vishal B. Shambharkar, Vinay Singh, M. L. Rajput 979-985
Total views: 306
Studies on Germination of Spores of Bipolaris tetramera (Mckinney) Shoemaker  | 
Vishnupriya Sharma 986-992
Total views: 276

Research Notes

Nomenclature and Distribution of Bamboo Oxytenanthera parvifolia in India  | 
H. B. Naithani 993-996
Total views: 311
Allelopathic Effect of Leaf Leachates of Pinus roxburghii Sargent on Seeds of some Grasses  | 
B. Gupta, N. S. Thakur, B. Dass 997-1000
Total views: 455