Volume 133, Issue 3, March 2007

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Conservation of Medicinal Plants through People's Participation - a Case Study of Toranmal, Maharashtra  | 
S. H. Patil 301-305
Total views: 267
Comparative Study on Quality of Bamboo Seedlings in Root Trainers and Polythene Bags  | 
Mohit Gera, Ajay Raj Koul, Neelu Gera 306-312
Total views: 322
Empowering Rural Communities through Participatory Community Forestry Programmes  | 
Vijay Intodia, Farida Shah 313-322
Total views: 242
Conservation of Bio-diversity and Ethnic Culture through Sacred Groves in Midnapur District, West Bengal, India  | 
Prasanta Kumar Pandit, Ram Kumar Bhakat 323-344
Total views: 400
Investigations into the Effects of pH, Sodium Chloride and Crude Oil on some Fungi Isolated from the Mangrove Forest in Port Harcourt, Nigeria  | 
H. N. Ukoima, M. A. Amakiri, M. O. Adeniji, L. A. Dan-Kalio 345-350
Total views: 329
Poverty Alleviation and Natural Resource Restoration through Community Participation : a Case Study in North-western Rajasthan  | 
N. Bala, Pramod Kumar, G. Singh, N. K. Limba 351-358
Total views: 260
Ecophysiology of Hyptis suaveolens : Germination Behaviour  | 
Dipjyoti Chakraborty, Santi M. Mondal, Kajal Gupta 359-368
Total views: 247
Effect of Climatic Factors on Oleoresin Yield from Chir Pine (Pinus roxburghii Sargent)  | 
Chanderlekha , Kulwant Rai Sharma 369-373
Total views: 311
Ecological Notes on Indian Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus Linn.)  | 
A. S. Bisht, A. B. Bhatt 374-378
Total views: 247
Ethno-veterinary Herbal Medicines of Dwarahat Area of Central Himalayas  | 
Dolly Tiwari, P. C. Pande, Lalit Tiwari 379-390
Total views: 309
Growth and Potential of Forest-based Industries in Manipur  | 
A. Sanatomba Singh 391-401
Total views: 289
Economics of Teak Plantation in Uttarakhand  | 
M. Y. Ansari, H. P. Singh 402-410
Total views: 801
A Study of Termite Damage in Relation to Chemical Composition of Bamboos  | 
Seema Dhawan, S. C. Mishra, Salil Dhawan 411-418
Total views: 370

Research Notes

Cultivation of Cordyceps sinensis (Yarsha Gamboo) on Grain Spawn  | 
A. N. Shukla, Amit Pandey, Suresh Chandra 419-422
Total views: 686
Casuarina Cones - a Money Spinner for Village forest Committees  | 
S. Ramasubramanian 423-424
Total views: 547
Bambusa vulgaris and Bambusa wamin Propagation through Single Node Branch Cuttings  | 
S. K. Verma, S. K. Sharma 425-429
Total views: 615
Damage Evaluation of Chlorophorus strobilicola Champion - a Cone Borer of Pinus roxburghii Sargent in Himalayan Region  | 
Charan Singh, Ranjit Singh, V. P. Pandey 430-434
Total views: 279

Forest Notes And Observations

Forest Development Agency Vs. Panchayat : a Case for Win-win Situation  | 
Alind Rastogi 435-438
Total views: 215


R.s. Mathur (23.11.1931 - 08.02.2007)  | 
A. N. C. 449-449
Total views: 203

Rules Of Contributions

Rules for Contributions of Articles  | 
Total views: 220