Volume 137, Issue 2, February 2011

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Table of Contents


Nuts and Bolts for India's REDD+ Calculus  | 
R. B. Lal, Madhu Verma, Swapan Mehra, Priyanka Batra 139-153
Total views: 322
Contribution of Joint Forest Management in Conservation of Forests, Climate Change and Poverty Reduction  | 
V. K. Bahuguna, Hilaluddin 154-163
Total views: 296
Bayesian Modeling for Forest Cover Dynamics in Shimla District  | 
C. Jeganathan, P. S. Roy, M. N. Jha 164-174
Total views: 274
Evaluation of Soil Resources for Productivity Through Remote Sensing in GIS Environment  | 
K. Manikandan, S. Natarajan, R. Sivasamy, M. Sankar, K. S. Dadhwal 175-183
Total views: 261
Effect of Root Culturing and Fertilizers on Biochemical and Nutrient Parameters of Seedling Roots of Ulmus villosa, Brandis ex Gamble  | 
Sanjeev K. Chauhan, V. K. Mishra, G. K. Sharma 184-195
Total views: 233
Status and Distribution of Willow Mortality in Lahaul and Spiti Cold Desert of Himachal Pradesh  | 
R. C. Sharma, N. B. Singh, D. Tripathi, Anil Sood 196-204
Total views: 290
Wood Microstructure Studies of the Order Oxalidales from Erstwhile India  | 
Sangeeta Gupta, Vishakha Saxena 205-215
Total views: 266
Provenance Variations in Seed Characteristics and Germination Behaviour of Terminalia arjuna and Terminalia tomentosa  | 
I. Hembrom, Gargi , R. Kumar, M. K. Singh, N. B. Vijayaprakash 216-220
Total views: 563
Effect of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the Development of Sal Defoliator, Ascotis imparata Walk. (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)  | 
K. P. Singh 221-224
Total views: 245
Improving Livelihood of Tribals in Chhattisgarh: Adopted Silkworm Seed Rearing of Tropical Tasar Antheraea mylitta Drury  | 
N. K. Bhatia, M. M. Bhatt, M. A. Khan 225-235
Total views: 445
Wetlands - Worth for Singhara (Trapa spp.) Cultivation  | 
Jitendra Singh, R. A. Kaushik, P. S. Chauhan, S. K. Jain, A. Kavita 236-242
Total views: 531
Requirement of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (Glomus mosseae) Inoculum for Optimum Growth of Tree Seedlings in Lateritic Soil  | 
Somdatta Ghosh, N. K. Verma 243-248
Total views: 260
Efficacy of Chloropicrin Against Wood Decaying Fungi In-vitro  | 
Himani Pant, Sadhna Tripathi 249-254
Total views: 263
Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Sprouting and Biomass Production of Tylophora asthmatica L. in Mid Hills of Himalaya  | 
Gopi Chand, R. D. Singh, Ramjee Lal Meena, Brij Lal 225-260
Total views: 252

Research Notes

Albinism in Tamarindus indica L.  | 
I. Jaisankar, V. Damodaran, D. R. Singh, R. Sudha 261-263
Total views: 248
Studies on Multiplication of Bambusa vulgaris Cv. Wamin (Buddha Bamboo) Through Juvenile Branch Cuttings  | 
Sajad Razvi, S. Nautiyal, Rakesh Prakash, Ajaz Bhat 264-266
Total views: 280

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Wood-pulp Testing at the Forestry Court Cellulose Laboratory, U.P. Exhibition  | 
W. Raitt 267-268
Total views: 248

Letters To The Editor

Green Ahmedabad Campaign: an Initiative of Mass Participation in Mega Tree Planting  | 
Jagdish Prasad 269-270
Total views: 259