Volume 137, Issue 6, June 2011

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Table of Contents


Constraints in Marketing of Agroforestry Produce in India  | 
E. Venkat Reddy 669-677
Total views: 387
Effect of Manures and Fertilizers on Growth and Seedling Quality Indices of the Pterocarpus santallnus (Linn.F) Seedlings  | 
Mahantappa Sankanur, S. L. Somashekharaiah, L. Venkateim, Basavaraj S. Ganigerand, H. Shivanna 678-685
Total views: 349
Micropropagation of a Medicinal Plant (Azlma tetracantha Lam.)  | 
A. Benniamin, M. S. Sundari 686-690
Total views: 257
Response of Eucalyptus Clones to Different Mrigation Regimes in Plantation  | 
Varun Srivastava, Avtar Singh, K. K. Vashist 691-698
Total views: 239
Natural Regeneration Problem in Silver Fir (Abies pindrow) and Spruce (Picea smlthiana) Forests: Solutions Ahead  | 
Ombir Singh, V. R. R. Singh, Vidya Rattan 699-703
Total views: 794
Study of Variability in the Cultivated Clones of Populus nigra Linn. (Black Poplar) of Kashmir Valley  | 
S. A. Gangoo, Mushtaq A. Mir, A. A. Khan, Gul Zaffar 704-717
Total views: 271
Saussurea obvallata (Sacred Species): a Contemporary Context of Biodiversity Conservation  | 
Meenakshi Bhardwaj, N. S. Chauhan, S. K . Pareek, Rekha Naithani, Rajesh Chauhan 718-721
Total views: 308
Human-malayan Sun Bear Conflicts in Manipur State, India  | 
N. P. S. Chauhan, Janmejay Sethy 722-731
Total views: 328
Assessment of Wood Traits Variation in the Segregating Populations of Eucalyptus hybrids  | 
S. K. Verma, S. K. Sharma 732-738
Total views: 257
A Report on the Bioecology of the Giant Red Bug, Macroceroea (Loidta) Grandis (Gray) (Family: Pyrrhocoridae) and its Conservation in the Bidbhutmhusan Wild Life Sanctuary, Parmadan, West Bengal  | 
Bulganin Mitra, Dhriti Banerjee, R. S. Mridha 739-743
Total views: 301
Seeds of Hyptis suaveolens - a Source of Mucilage  | 
Abra Rani, Pra Vin H. Cra Whaan, Mala Rathore 744-750
Total views: 757
Vegetational Structure of Rhododendrons and Associate Species in Western Himalaya  | 
S. Nautiyal, Sajad Razvi, Shallesh Prasad 751-756
Total views: 459
Diversity Pattern of Habitats and Vascular Plant Species in Tapkeshwari Hill Ranges in the Kachchh Island, Gujarat, India  | 
Ekta B. Joshi, B. K. Jaln, P. N. Joshi 757-766
Total views: 285
Ethnobotanical Practices of Tribals in Achanakmar Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve  | 
Lalji Singh, Jay Ant Kasture, U. S. Singh, S. S. Shaw 767-776
Total views: 460
Ethnomedicinal Plants Used in the Treatment of Various Ailments by Bhil Tribe of Ratlam District (Madhya Pradesh) India  | 
Dinesh Jadhav 777-785
Total views: 235

Research Notes

Tricotyledony in Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H.J. Lam.  | 
Nawa Bahar 786-787
Total views: 232
Poisonous and Toxic Plants for Livestock  | 
V. B. Choubey, P. K. Khare 788-791
Total views: 248
Exotic Flora on Coal Mine Spoils of Singrauli Coalfields  | 
Arvind Singh 792-795
Total views: 188
Eragrostis tremula (Lam.) Hochst. ex Steud var. Gajanandii, a New Variety from Indian Desert  | 
Genda Singh, Nirmalya Bala, Chandan Singh Purohit 796-798
Total views: 251

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

An Elephant Capture in South Malabar  | 
A. Wimbush 799-801
Total views: 205

Letters To The Editor

Flowering in Bambusa tulda Roxb. at Ranchi, Jharkhand  | 
Suraj Kumar, S. Nath 802-803
Total views: 229


Ram Saran Shrivastava (18.09.1926 - 27.11.2010)  | 
D. . S. 804-804
Total views: 192
N.S. Adkoli, IFS (Retd.)  | 
S. Shyam Sunder 805-805
Total views: 216