Volume 137, Issue 8, August 2011

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Valuation of Ecosystem Services from Planted Forests: Prevention of Wind Erosion-a Case Study from Haryana, India  | 
N. S. Bisht, M. S. Gusain, C. J. Singh, A. K. Hooda 935-940
Total views: 289
North Indian Asiatic Elephant Population Conflict Wrrh Man with Reference to Crops Damage  | 
K. N. Singh 941-947
Total views: 230
Ethno-medico-botany of Godhra Forest Division of Panchmahal District, Gujarat State  | 
G. Yadaiah, Bindiya Oza, Parul Joshi 948-961
Total views: 575
Relationship between Floral Characters and Floral Visitors of Selected Angiospermic Taxa from Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Southern Western Ghats, India  | 
P. Selva Singh Richard, S. Abraham Muthukumar, H. Malleshappa 962-975
Total views: 264
Genetic Analysis for Seed Traits in Acacia nilotica (Linn.) Willd. Ex Del Ssp. Indica (Benth.) Brenan (Babul)  | 
M. Ayoub Dar, S. Nautiyal, Meena Bakshi, H. Mehta, O. P. Chaturvedi, J. M. S. Tomar 976-979
Total views: 284
Solar Kiln Drying of Timbers of Eucalyptus tereticornis, Acacia nilotica and Dalbergia sissoo  | 
N. K Upreti, M. C. Kukreti, Chetan Swaroop, V. S. Kishan Kumar 980-985
Total views: 307
Correlation between Morpho-anatomical Characters of Centella asiatica L. to Diverse Habitat Conditions of Assam (India)  | 
S. K. Sarma, K. Mazumder 986-991
Total views: 354
Tree Diversity and Population Structure in a Lowland Tropical Rainforest in the Eastern Himalaya, India  | 
Panna Deb, R. C. Sundriyal, Uma Shankar 992-1004
Total views: 295
Medicinal Plant Diversity in Newly Reported Sacred Grove of Pithoragarh District, Uttarakhand  | 
Harsh Singh, Pushpi Singh, Tariq Husain 1005-1008
Total views: 323
Spatial and Temporal Variation in Groundwater Characteristics of the Coastal Regions of Tamil Nadu  | 
K. Manikandan, S. Natarajan, R. Sivasamy, M. Sankar, K. S. Dadhwal 1009-1014
Total views: 232
Propagation of Soapnut (Sapindus mukorossi) by Cutiings and Seeds  | 
A. D. Mundhe, G. S. Shamet 1015-1019
Total views: 370
Variation in Air-layering Response of Eight Genotypes of Persea bombycina Kost  | 
Raja Ram , M. V. Samson, M. M. Bhatt 1020-1022
Total views: 216
Optimization of Gains and Variability during Selection of Candidate Plus Trees in Eucalyptus tereticornis Smith  | 
Sumita Sircar, H. C. Sindhu Veerendra 1023-1028
Total views: 213
Ethno-botany of Traditional Wild Edffile Plants from Cold Arid Desert of Ladakh-a Potential Source of Winter Vegetables  | 
Manish S. Bhoyar, Gyan P. Mishra, Raghwendra Singh, Shashi Bala Singh 1029-1033
Total views: 252

Research Notes

Recollection of Two Rare Ferns from Nainital District  | 
Y. P. S. Pangety, Gokul S. Martolia, Lalit M. Tewari 1034-1036
Total views: 221
Biomass Yield in a Tropical Herbaceous Legume Stylosanthes humilis Seeded on a Mine Spoil with and without Inorganic Feri'ilizer Amendment  | 
Arvind Singh 1037-1039
Total views: 208
Studies on Spore Morphology of Adiantum L. from Tehri District of Uttarakhand  | 
H. C. Pande, Pushpesh Joshi, Brijesh Kumar, Himanshu Dwivedi 1040-1042
Total views: 294

Forest Notes And Observations

Observation on Phoenix sylvestris Plantation  | 
A. K. Lahiri 1043-1043
Total views: 208
Can a Cigratte-but Start a Forest Fire?  | 
S. S. Rasaily 1044-1044
Total views: 202

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

The Principles of Handling Woodlands  | 
Henry Solon Graves 1045-1046
Total views: 191

Book Review

Management of Biological Diversity of Indian Forests with Special Reference to Southern forest Types  | 
V. R. R. S. 1047-1047
Total views: 198


Editorial  | 
V. R. R. Singh
Total views: 197