Volume 137, Issue 8a, August 2011

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Table of Contents


Assisted Natural Regeneration as a Tool for Forest Rehabilitation under JFM - an Analysis of Current Processes and Scope of Refinement  | 
A. K. Bansal, P. R. Choudhury, M. G. Gogate 1-10
Total views: 597
Policy Analysis, Implementation and Future Prospects of JFM in India  | 
V. K. Bahuguna, Hilaluddin 11-20
Total views: 308
Policy Changes in Status of Forest Ownership from 1865 to 2006 - Journey from Government Owned to Private Ownership - an Analysis  | 
R. K. Upadhyay 21-26
Total views: 277
Building Entrepreneurial Capabilities in Scheduled Areas of Orissa  | 
K. D. Singh, Bhaskar Sinha, Pravat C. Sutar 27-32
Total views: 241
Systemic Symbiosis Management (SSM) : an Approach other than Joint Forest Management - the Case of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, 1985  | 
Vinod Rishi 33-42
Total views: 223
Joint Forest Management in Retrospect  | 
V. K. Melkani 43-47
Total views: 225
Community Conserved Areas in North East India: some Observations in Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh  | 
Sudipto Chatterjee, Sonali Ghosh, Jayanta Sarma, S. K. Barik, B. K. Tewari, Kulen Chandra Das 48-61
Total views: 334
Reorienting Community Institutions: for Cohesive Management of Natural Resources  | 
R. S. Pathan 62-69
Total views: 721
People's Participation in Forest Management  | 
Harsha Hegde, Samom Khelen Singh, Nagaraj Hegde, N. S. Thakur, S. K. Jha 70-75
Total views: 410
Status of Joint forest Management Plantations on Removal of Physical Barriers in Utiara Kannada District, Karnataka  | 
G. T. Hegde, I. K. Murthy, N. H. Ravindranath, D. M. Bhat 76-86
Total views: 244
Joint Forest Management in Kamraj Forest Division Zangli Kupwara Kashmir (J & K): a Case Study  | 
Sajad Razvi, Rashmi Agarwal, S. Nautiyal, M. Ayoub Dar 87-90
Total views: 508
Utilization and Management of Forest Resources: under the Ambit of JFM-a Case Study of Ausgram Forest Beat of Burdwan District in West Bengal  | 
Siuli Batabyal, Mobina Parvhn, Jagatpati Tah, Ratan Banerjee 91-95
Total views: 329
A Model for Periodical Augmentation of Income of the Communities Involved in Shelterbelt Plantations  | 
M. Balaji, M. V. Rao, N. Rama Rao 96-99
Total views: 232
Community Forestry: a Viable Option for Forest Management  | 
Suman Kumar Jha, Harsha Hegde, N. S. Thakur 100-104
Total views: 355
Sustainable Management of Non-timber Forest Produce through Joint Forest Management  | 
Ashok K. Pandey, Pankaj Bhargava, M. S. Negi 105-113
Total views: 306

Research Notes

Participatory Forest Management and its Role in the Development of Fringe Forest Villages of Bilaspur Forest Division of Chhatiisgarh  | 
Sheikh Iqbal, S. C. Tiwari 114-115
Total views: 226

Views And Expressions

Is Keynes Relevant for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources?  | 
B. K . P. Sinha 116-118
Total views: 207

Letters To The Editor

Empowering JFM Committees-learning from Orissa Forestry Sector Development Project  | 
Vinod Kumar 119-120
Total views: 209