Volume 137, Issue 11, November 2011

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Piper Pedicelllatum - a Promising NTFP for Enhancing Forest Productivity in Moist Tropical and Sub-tropical forest Areas  | 
Lokho Puni, B. P. Tamta, Neelam Dhaundiyal 1245-1249
Total views: 543
An Assessment of Non Timber Forest Products of Jhargram Division  | 
P. K. Pandit 1250-1257
Total views: 270
Economic Valuation of Non Timber Forest Products Contribution in Tribal Livelihood in West Singhbhum District of Jharkhand  | 
Praveen Kumar Singh, S. M. Sulaiman Quli 1258-1264
Total views: 745
Status of Fuelwood Extraction and Consumption in Rural North Kashmir: a Case Study  | 
M. A. Islam, R. Banyal, N. A. Masoodi, T. H. Masoodi, S. A. Gangoo, L. K. Sharma 1265-1268
Total views: 274
Non-destructive Harvesting Practices of Terminalia arjuna (Arjuna), Phyllanthus emblica (Aonla) and Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh)  | 
A. K. Pandey, D. C. Kori 1269-1279
Total views: 595
Tropical Tasar Silk: a Pontential NTFP for Forest Dwellers of Central India  | 
N. Roychoudhury, Rajesh Bajpai, B. P. Singh 1280-1288
Total views: 424
Seasonal Availability of Non-timber Forest Products Collected by the Tribals in Gandigadha Reserve Forests of District Mayurbhanj, Orissa  | 
S. D. Rout, S. K. Panda 1289-1293
Total views: 283
Socio-economic Characteristics of Lac Growers in Kanker District of Chhattisgarh  | 
Govind Pal 1294-1297
Total views: 369
Are we Extracting Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) on Sustainable Basis in India?: Current Evidences, Causes and Remedial Policy Framework  | 
D. D. Tewari 1298-1308
Total views: 246
Study of Lac Production Growth in Jharkhand: District-wise and Crop-wise Analysis  | 
A. K. Jaiswal, Govind Pal, J. P. Singh, Bharati Patel 1309-1312
Total views: 3330
Indigenous Knowledge of Communities of Achanakmar-amarkantak Biosphere Reserve in Utilization, Conservation and Sustainability of NTFP in Chhattisgarh (India)  | 
Shabir Ahmad Bhat, Subhash Chandra Tiwari 1313-1320
Total views: 311
Provenance Variation of Wild Hevea Germ Plasm in a Dry Sub Humid Region of India  | 
B. Krishan, K. N. Rao, G. P. Rao, M. A. Nazeer 1321-1324
Total views: 325
Plant Regeneration from Leaf Explants of Tylophora indica (Burm.F.) Merrill.: an Important Medicinal Plant  | 
Manu Pant, Prabha Bisht 1325-1330
Total views: 279
An Inventory of Poisonous Plants of Sagar District, Madhya Pradesh (India)  | 
V. B. Choubey, P. K. Khare 1331-1334
Total views: 547
Edible Wild Vegetables of Serchip Forest Division of Mizoram  | 
Ramachandra Laha, Lalhmangaihzuali Ralte 1335-1337
Total views: 277
Wild Vegetable Species Commonly Consumed by Tribes of Chakrata  | 
Vishamber Joshi, S. P. Joshi 1338-1341
Total views: 263

Research Notes

Major Aromatic Oil Components of Domesticated Valeriana jatamansi jones (Syn. V. Wallichii Dc)  | 
B. P. Tamta, Lokho Puni, Neelam Rawat, Attar Singh 1342-1343
Total views: 236
Cheura [Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H.J. Lam.]: an Important Tree for Poverty Alleviation  | 
Nawa Bahar 1344-1345
Total views: 297
Myths and Facts of Guggal Gum Tapping  | 
Kunal Mandal, Jatindra Nath Samanta, Satyabrata Maiti, R. D. Kamboj 1346-1347
Total views: 275
Records of Two New NTFP Plants of Family Boraginaceae from Jammu and Kashmir  | 
Kumar Ambrish, S. K. Srivastava 1348-1349
Total views: 246
Shifting in Flowering Behavior of Myrica esculenta Buch-ham. Ex. D.don- a Report  | 
S. P. Chaukiyal 1350-1352
Total views: 780
Kaempferia parviflora Wall. Ex Baker (Zingiberaceae) a New Record of Medicinal Plant for India  | 
A. A. Mao, M. Bhaumik, N. Lokho 1353-1354
Total views: 522

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Myrabolans  | 
Total views: 218