Volume 137, Issue 5, May 2011

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Economic Analysis of Agroforestry Model Adopted by Tribal of Orissa : India  | 
P. K. Singh, P. K. Das, S. M. S. Quli 535-543
Total views: 428
Vegetation Status in Degraded Forest, Community and Private Lands of Himachal Pradesh  | 
G. T. Hegde., I. K. Murthy, P. R. Bhat, Shilpa Swarnim, Arvind Kumar Alipuria, N. H. Ravindranath 544-555
Total views: 259
Vegetation Type Mapping in East Khasi Hills District (Meghalaya State, India) by Remote Sensing  | 
M. Balakrishna Reddy, Baiantimon Blah 556-570
Total views: 795
Conservation and Cultural Dimensions of Sacred Groves in Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal, India  | 
Prasanta Kumar Pandit 571-588
Total views: 378
Harvest Maturity in Fruits : a Review  | 
Jitendra Singh, P. Bhatnagar, P. S. Chauhan, A. Mishra, C. K. Arya, S. K. Jain, A. Kavita 589-604
Total views: 285
Induction of Somatic Embryos and Plant Regeneration from Nodal Sprouts Culture of Adult Bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees)  | 
Ravneet Kaur, Gurdip Singh Virk, Avinash Nagpal 605-614
Total views: 369
Growth and Biomasr Production of Selected Fuel Wood Tree Species in Mid Hill of Western Himalaya in India  | 
Ooficuaku , D. Bin 615-628
Total views: 276
Phytodiversity of Eringole Sacred Grove of Kerala  | 
Divya K. Das, A. R. R. Menon 629-634
Total views: 257
Dichotomous Key for Identification of some Assam Timbers  | 
P. K. Pande 635-643
Total views: 418
Evaluation of Different Collections of Mucuna pruriens for Morphological Parameters and L-dopa Yield  | 
Puran Chandra, R. C. Rana, T. S. Mehra, R. Raina 644-648
Total views: 321
A Note on Lichens on Shorea robusta in a Biosphere Reserve, Central India  | 
Achuta N. Shukla, K. P. Singh 649-652
Total views: 255
New Reports to the Flora of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, from Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, South Andaman  | 
K. Karthigeyan, R. Sumathi, J. Jayanthi, P. G. Diwakar 653-656
Total views: 295

Research Notes

Lycopodiella cernua (L.) Pic. Serm. (Family : Lycopodiaceae) : an Addition to the Pteridophytic Flora of Nainital Hills  | 
Y. P. S. Pangety, S. Gokul Martolia, Lalit M. Tewari 657-659
Total views: 269
A Note on White-bellied Tree Pie Dendrocitta leucogastra Feeding on Nectar and Petals in Silent Valley National Park, India  | 
P. S. Jothish 660-661
Total views: 222

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

A Friendly Lungur  | 
A. B. Punde 662-663
Total views: 195

News and Notes

Cancun Forest Agreements at the COP 16 of UNFccc  | 
V. R. S. Rawat 664-666
Total views: 211

National Awards For Excellence In Forestry By Icfre

Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education P.O. New Forest, Dehradun - 248 006  | 
Total views: 209