Volume 132, Issue 6, June 2006

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Table of Contents


Reframing Joint Forest Management through Compensation for Environmental Services  | 
Jagannadha Rao Matta, John Kerr 651-663
Total views: 182
Vegetation and Floristic Diversity of Bhitarkanika National Park, Orissa, India  | 
Sudhakar Reddy, Chiranjibi Pattanaik, N. K. Dhal, A. K. Biswal 664-680
Total views: 238
Genetic Variability in Phenotypic Characters of Pinus gerardiana  | 
Anil Kant, Vaishnu Dutt, D. R. Sharma 681-690
Total views: 269
Planting Stock Improvement in Gmelina arborea  | 
Ashok Kumar, A. K. Matharoo, Sudhir Singh, A. N. Singh 691-699
Total views: 411
Genetic Resources of Orchids in Andaman and Nicobar Islands  | 
D. R. Singh, R. P. Medhi 700-706
Total views: 238
Vesicular-arbuscular Mycorrhizal Mediated Effect on Plant Growth in a Saline-alkali Soil in Relation to Various Amendments  | 
Richa Raghuwanshi, R. S. Upadhyay 707-725
Total views: 206
Response of Organic and Chemical Fertilizers to the Establishment and Growth of Eucalyptus in Sodic Land of Uttar Pradesh, India  | 
M. K. Gupta, S. D. Sharma, M. N. Jha, Rajiv Pandey 726-736
Total views: 188
Propagation of Capparis decidua through Cuttings  | 
R. Bhargava, Piyush Verma, P. L. Saroj, N. Chauhan 737-745
Total views: 348
Clonal Variation in Rooting Ability of Branch Cuttings of Dalbergia sissoo, Roxb  | 
Ombir Singh 746-750
Total views: 201

Research Notes

A Study on several Physiological and Biochemical Factors Affecting the Grafting Survival of Carya cathayensis  | 
Liu Li, zheng Bingsong, Huang Jianqing, Cheng Xiaojian, Zhu Yuqiu 751-756
Total views: 169
Collection of Spine Gourd (Momordica dioica Roxb. Ex Willd) from Bundelkhand and Adjoining Areas  | 
R. S. Rathi, D. Ram, B. S. Phogat, H. L. Raiger 757-762
Total views: 206
Pestalotiopsis Stem Canker of Jatropha curcas  | 
Amit Pandey, A. N. Shukla, suresh Chandra 763-766
Total views: 221
New Additions to the Butterflies of Dehra Dun Valley, the Lower Western Himalayas  | 
Arun P. Singh, R. S. Bhandari 767-769
Total views: 174

Letters To The Editor

Let us not be Hasty in Felling Activities in the Pretext of Forest Conservation Act  | 
Pandaba Behera 776-776
Total views: 179