Volume 139, Issue 4, April 2013

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Table of Contents


Forestry Education and Training in Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education  | 
Omkar Singh, Rakesh Kumar Dogra, Anil Negi 277-281
Total views: 418
Professional Forestry Education in India for the 21st Century  | 
A. S. Dogra 282-288
Total views: 285
Directions for Forestry Education and Training in India  | 
K. D. Singh 289-294
Total views: 261
Hands-On Range Management Training for IFS Officers  | 
Vinod Rishi, Shashi Paul 295-301
Total views: 263
Analysis of Professional Training of Indian Forest Service Officers  | 
Gopa Pandey 302-306
Total views: 809
Evolution of Training of IFS Probationers in Independent India  | 
Shashi Paul 307-315
Total views: 287
Forestry Education in India: Retrospect, Prospect and Recommendations for Improvement  | 
S. M. Sulaiman Quli, V. Sivaji, K. K. Srivastava 316-323
Total views: 418
Forestry Education and Training: Time for Major Reforms  | 
Ashish Kothari 324-330
Total views: 239
Physical Fitness: An Essential Component of Forestry Training and Profession  | 
Mohit Gera 331-334
Total views: 242
Applications of Geospatial Technology in Forestry Research and Education: An overview  | 
Jawaid Ashraf 335-340
Total views: 316
Forestry Education at the State Agricultural Universities: Opportunities and Future Perspective  | 
M. N. Ramesha, H. V. Srinidhi, S.K. Dubey, N. K. Janoo 341-345
Total views: 270
Growth and Development of Training for Senior Forestry Personnel of India  | 
Shashi Paul, T. Rabikumar 346-357
Total views: 344
Challenges of Professional Forestry Education - A Thought  | 
A. K. Lahiri 358-360
Total views: 240
Forestry Education and Training in Jammu and Kashmir  | 
M. A. Islam, S. A. Gangoo, R. Banyal 361-366
Total views: 334
Comparison of Initial Professional Training of Senior Forestry Personnel in India  | 
Shashi Paul, Pramod Chand Lakra 367-374
Total views: 363

News and Notes

Contribution of Forest Research Institute, Deemed University, Dehradun in Forestry Education  | 
Ramesh K. Aima 375-376
Total views: 239
Forestry Education: Strength of Dedicated Forestry in Madhya Pradesh (India)  | 
A. K. Joshi, K. Bhugawkar 377-378
Total views: 211
Tamil Nadu Forest Academy - In Retrospect and Prospect  | 
S. Balaji 379-381
Total views: 227

Views And Expressions

A Thought on Thrust Areas of Training of Today's Technical Level Foresters  | 
A. K. Lahiri 382-384
Total views: 241
Forest Education at University Level and its Orientation  | 
M. C. Pande 385-385
Total views: 220
Valuing the Forests and their Eco System Services  | 
S. Parameswarappa 386-389
Total views: 232