Volume 139, Issue 7, July 2013

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Status of Sequestered Organic Carbon in the Soils under Different Vegetation Covers  | 
S. S. Negi, M. K. Gupta 571-575
Total views: 310
Under-storey Vegetation Carbon Characterization of Shorea robusta (SAL) forests Using Ground Data and Geospatial Techniques  | 
S. P. Singh, Sarnam Singh Suresh Kumar, Yousif A. Hussin 576-584
Total views: 232
Potential Pathogens and Insects Responsible for Low Seed Production in Teak Seed Orchard and their Management  | 
V. S. Dadwal, Nisha Singh, P. B. Meshram, U. Prakasham 585-589
Total views: 247
Effect of Solid Content of Adhesive on the Compression Strength of Finger Jointed Sections  | 
C. P. Singh, Sachin Gupta, C. M. Sharma, V. S. Kishan Kumar 590-593
Total views: 282
Habitat Utilization Patterns of Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus) in North Bilaspur forest Division, India  | 
Naim Akhtar, Harendra Singh Bargali, N. P. S. Chauhan, Hilaluddin 594-598
Total views: 245
Soil Properties Influenced by Rock Types and its Relation to Vegetation Diversity in Delhi Supergroup of Rajasthan, India  | 
Ashok Kumar, G. Singh, Beena Tripathi 599-607
Total views: 245
Seed Germination Studies of Dev-ringal Thamnocalamus spathiflorus (TRIN.) Munro a Temperate Bamboo  | 
Niladri Bag, Lok Man S. Palni 610-614
Total views: 250
Acorus calamus L. A Potential Medicinal Plant  | 
Farheen Mazher 615-625
Total views: 645
Moth Diversity of Chhattisgarh State, India  | 
S. Sambath, Kailash Chandra 626-632
Total views: 492
Assessment of Inter-character Correlations in Pterocarpus marsupium, An Endangered Medicinal Plant of Tropical forest  | 
Naseer Mohammad, Yogeshwar Mishra, S. A. Ansari 633-635
Total views: 277
Vegetation Structure and Composition in Core Area of Sariska National Park, Rajasthan  | 
Zaara Kidwai 636-644
Total views: 295
Life History of Chionaema coccinae Recorded from Dehradun, Uttarakhand  | 
Abesh Kumar Sanyal, V. P. Uniyal, Kailash Chandra 645-647
Total views: 181
Effect of Pre-treatments for Enhancing the Germination of Adansonia digitata L. and Cochlospermum religiosum L.  | 
R. N. Gahane, K. K. Kogje 648-651
Total views: 559
Volume Tables for Trees in Home Gardens of Kerala  | 
C. N. Krishnankutty 652-657
Total views: 443

Research Notes

An Inexpensive and Rapid Method for Extracting Genomic DNA from Quercus Species  | 
Sneha Dobhal, H. S. Ginwal 657-659
Total views: 175
Seasonal Variation in the Commercial and Economic Characters of Eri Silkworm, Samia Ricini (Donovan)  | 
M. C. Sarmah, B. N. Sarkar, S. A Ahmed, Y. Debaraj, L. S. Singh 660-662
Total views: 204
Distributional Record of New Basket Fern (Drynaria propinqua) from Himachal Pradesh  | 
Brijesh Kumar, H. C. Pande, Himanshu Dwivedi, Ramesh Kumar 663-665
Total views: 218

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

An Extraordinary Phenomenon in a Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni) Seedling  | 
Total views: 177