Volume 138, Issue 3, March 2012

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Table of Contents


Carbon Sequestration through Soil Organic Carbon Pool under Different forests Covers in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand  | 
S. S. Negi, M. K. Gupta 207-211
Total views: 296
Conversion Factors for Calculating the Price Payable for Harvested Bamboo (Bambusa Bambos) from the Notified Price for Standing Bamboo in Kerala forests  | 
C. N. Krishnankutty, T. M. Manoharan, Mammen Chundamannil 212-218
Total views: 240
Litter, Nutrient Dynamics and forest Floor Management in Sal and Miscellaneous forests of Satpura Plateau (India)  | 
A. K. Patra, P. K. Pande 219-228
Total views: 247
Concept of JFM Functioning and its Evaluation  | 
S. Paulraj 229-234
Total views: 273
Pre-treatment of Corcyra Cephalonica (Stainton) Eggs for Maximum Production of Wasps of Trichogramma Spp.  | 
Mohammad Yousuf, S. Sambath, Subhash Chandra 235-237
Total views: 338
Assessment of Mortality in Acacia Nilotica in Haryana and Punjab in Relation to Biotic Stresses  | 
Suresh Chandra, N. S. K. Harsh, Shailendra Kumar 238-242
Total views: 242
Management of Degraded Bouldery Riverbed Lands through Paulownia Based Silvipastoral Systems in Doon Valley  | 
Charan Singh, K. S. Dadhwal, R. C. Dhiman, Raj Kumar 243-247
Total views: 240
Conservation Impact on Sacred forest Fragments - a Case Study from Karnataka, India  | 
Rajasri Ray, M. D. Subhas Chandran, T. V. Ramachandra 248-251
Total views: 243
Assessment of Important Trees Outside forests (TOF) in Gorakhpur District of Uttar Pradesh  | 
Anubha Srivastav, A. K. Pandey, Ritesh Dubey 252-256
Total views: 265
Temporal Variation of Water Yield from a Treated Hilly Watershed in Lower Himalayas  | 
A. K. Tiwari, V. K. Bhatt, R. C. Bansal 257-265
Total views: 238
A Contribution to the Flora and Vegetation of Jaunsar-Bawar, Uttarakhand, India  | 
Vishamber Joshi, S. P. Joshi, Sumer Chandra 256-283
Total views: 265
Studies of Seed Germination in Four Rhododendron Species of Garhwal Himalayas  | 
Sajad Razvi, Shailesh Prasad, S. Nautiyal 284-287
Total views: 498
Phenology, Seed Biology and Seedling Survival and Growth of Aquilaria Malaccensis: a Highly Exploited and Red Listed Tree Species of North East India  | 
P. Saikia, M. L. Khan 289-295
Total views: 619
Record of Wood-rotting Mycoflora from Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand  | 
Reshma Safeer, J. R. Sharma 296-303
Total views: 239

Research Notes

Modiola Caroliniana(Linn.) G.Don - an Addition to the Flora of Himachal Pradesh  | 
Rakesh Shah, H. B. Naithani 304-304
Total views: 247
Poly-embryony in Calophyllum Inophyllum L.  | 
Rajesh P. Gunaga, R. V. Ganiger, D. A. Smita, Panjabrao Shinde, A. D. Rane 305-306
Total views: 212