Volume 139, Issue 8, August 2013

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Variation and Genetic Correlation in Growth and Branching Characters of Populus deltoides Bartr. Clones  | 
Bikram Singh, N.B. Singh 667-673
Total views: 377
GIS Based Planning and Monitoring of JFM Treatment Areas under JICA Assisted Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project  | 
A. K. Bansal, Vinod Kumar, Subhadarshi Mishra 674-682
Total views: 290
Energy Status and Consumption Pattern in Rural Temperate Zone of Western Himalayas: A Case Study  | 
R. Banyal, M. A. Islam, T. H. Masoodi, S. A. Gangoo 683-687
Total views: 319
Effect of Date of Collection and Pod Length on Germination and Initial Seedling Growth of Albizia lebbeck (Benth.)  | 
Suman Malla, Gopal Shukla, Sumit Chakravarty 688-691
Total views: 254
Genetic Variability and Association Analysis in Madhuca indica GMEL  | 
Mohd. Saleem Wani, Afaq Majid Wani 692-698
Total views: 334
An Analysis of Common Property Resources in Rural Areas of District Kangra  | 
M. S. Pathania, G. D. Vashist 699-705
Total views: 265
Collection, Viability and Storage Behaviour of Pollen of some Willow Species/Clones  | 
Punit Choudhary, N. B. Singh 706-713
Total views: 302
Effect of Adenine Sulphate with Giberellic Acid and Cytokinin on Indirect Organogenesis from Different Explants in Jatropha curcas L.  | 
Maya Kumari, Vikas Yadav Patade, Mohommad Arif, Zakwan Ahmed 714-719
Total views: 326
Development of PF Resin from Rice Straw Lignin Solid for Plywood Composite  | 
Vipin K. Chawla, Ranjana Yadav, C. N. Pandey, R. K. Jain, A. K. Dixit 720-725
Total views: 546
Secondary Xylem Anatomy of Root and Stem of Alstonia scholais, Bischhiofia javanica and Trewia nudiflora: The Characteristic Plant Species of Manu Fresh Water Swamp, Rishikesh, Dehradun (India)  | 
P. K. Pande, J. C. Ghyldiyal, Pallavi Gautam 726-730
Total views: 457
Effect of Local Heating on Dormant Cambial Cells in the Branches of Lannea coromandelica (Houtt.) Merr  | 
Vinay R. Patel, Nirav Pathak, Karumanchi S. Rao 731-736
Total views: 317
Updation and Digitization of Buprestids (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) Type Collection of National forest Insect Collection (NFIC), FRI, Dehradun (INDIA)  | 
Mohd. Faisal, Sudhir Singh, Mohd. Yousuf 737-741
Total views: 261

Research Notes

Estimation of Diameter at Breast Height from Basal Diameter of Shorea robusta Gaertn forest of Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India  | 
Laxmi Rawat, Nishita Giri 742-743
Total views: 250
Conservation Strategy for Critically Endangered Species of the Thar Desert: Commiphora wightii (Arn.) Bhandari  | 
Ranjana Arya, Vinod Singh Gour 744-745
Total views: 277
Gregarious Flowering of Bamboos in Arunachal Pradesh  | 
H. B. Naithani, A. K. Deka, G. Banerjee 746-749
Total views: 278
Outbreak of a Nursery Disease of Teak in Central India  | 
R. K. Verma 750-752
Total views: 227

News and Notes

Mavinakurve Bamboo Park in Goa  | 
K. A. Kushalapa 753-754
Total views: 215

From The Indian Forester - One Hundred Years Ago

Tanning by Electricity  | 
Total views: 187