Volume 140, Issue 1, January 2014

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Inventory of Non-timber forest Products through Adaptive Cluster Sampling  | 
C. K. Mishra, G. Ramakrishna Naidu 1-10
Total views: 506
Land Cover Mapping and Dynamics of Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India  | 
D. J. Das, V. Kumar, H. R. Bora, P. K. Verma, P. Gogoi, G. Gogoi, N. K. Vasu 11-17
Total views: 817
Carbon and Biomass Density of Trees in Duggada Area of Garhwal Himalaya, India  | 
Kaiser Iqbal, Jahangeer A. Bhat, Nazir A. Pala, Aatif Hussain, Ajeet K. Negi 18-22
Total views: 763
Effect of Light Intensity on Paddy and Wheat Grain Yield under Eucalyptus Tereticornis Sm. Based Agri-silvicultural System  | 
S.K. Verma, B. S. Rana 23-28
Total views: 785
Stand Structure and Above-ground Biomass of Two Tree Plantations at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore  | 
A. Karthick, L. Arul Pragasan 29-33
Total views: 663
Important Medicinal Plants Used by the Tribes of Sunabeda Plateau in Odisha  | 
B. K. Patnaik, S. P. Rath 34-37
Total views: 462
Tree Improvement Work on Eucalyptus Tereticornis in India - An overview  | 
S. K. Sharma 38-45
Total views: 949
Effect of Pruning Intensities and Different Levels of Fertilizers on Jatropha Curcas L. under Irrigated Condition  | 
M. R. Parmar, D. B. Jadeja, M. B. Tandel, N. K. Patel, Kirti Bardhan, V. M. Prajapati 46-52
Total views: 740
Carbon Storage Potential of Eucalyptus Tereticornis Plantations  | 
Yashmita Ulman, S. Avudainayagam 53-58
Total views: 675
Phenological Studies of Two Bombacaceaen Members from Girnar Reserve forest, Junagadh, Gujarat, India  | 
R. N. Nakar, B. A. Jadeja, H. L. Dhaduk 59-64
Total views: 360
Effect of Heat Treatment on Decay Resistance of Pinus Roxburghii Wood against Decaying Fungi  | 
Ashish Kumar Kashyap, Sadhna Tripathi, Himani Pant 65-69
Total views: 356
Evaluation of Variation in Physical Properties of Wood among some Tropical Tree Species of South India  | 
H. T. Hegde, M. A. Kalkoor, S. K. Jha, N. S. Thakur 70-75
Total views: 642
Bark Canker and Die-back of Dalbergia Sissoo in Haryana and Punjab Caused by Lasiodiplodia Theobromae  | 
Suresh Chandra, R. Prasad, N. S. K. Harsh, R. Ahuja, Shakuntala Khatri 76-79
Total views: 367
Biology of Phloeobius Crassicollis Jord. (coleoptera: Anthribidae) on Green Standing Bamboo  | 
K. P. Singh 80-82
Total views: 240
Population Dynamics of Insect Pests of Psoralea Corylifolia  | 
Arvind Kumar 83-85
Total views: 246
Phytodiversity of Ethnomedicinal Plants in Sacred Groves and its Traditional Uses in Kabirdham District of Chhattisgarh  | 
C. P. Rahangdale, R. K. Patley, K. C. Yadav 86-92
Total views: 688
Effects of Different Adjuvants on the Growth and Sporulation of the Entomopathogenic Fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae (METSCH)  | 
T. O. Sasidharan, N. Sapna Bai, O. K. Remadevi, M. Balachander, Priyadarsanan Dharmarajan 93-97
Total views: 563


The Indian forester January 2014  | 
Arun Singh Rawat
Total views: 186

Research Notes

Note on Extended Distribution of Cocculus Laurifolius Dc. (Menispermaceae)  | 
Gopal Krishna, S. K. Srivastava 98-99
Total views: 200
Exploring the Potential for Payment for Environmental Services in Himachal Pradesh, India, for Ecosystem Service Protection, Development and Sustainability  | 
Jasjit Singh Walia 100-101
Total views: 201
Lemna Minor L. - a New Record for Gujarat Flora, India  | 
Sujit Prajapati, A. S. Reddy 102-103
Total views: 389

News and Notes

'Warsaw Redd+ Framework' Achieved in Cop 19 of UNFCCC  | 
V. R. S. Rawat, T. P. Singh 104-105
Total views: 405


From the Indian forester - One hundred Years Ago the Indian forester January, 2014 (pp. 53-54)  | 
Total views: 169