Volume 140, Issue 2, February 2014

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Application of Remote Sensing, Gis and Gps for forest Management in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India  | 
Shashi Kumar, S. H. K. Murti, Rajee George 107-112
Total views: 798
Conservation of Wetlands in India: Critical Review of the Adequacy of Law Suresh Chandra Gairola  | 
Suresh Chandra Gairola 113-128
Total views: 1021
Addressing the Management of a Long-established Invasive Shrub: the Case of Lantana Camara in Indian Forests  | 
Geetha Ramaswami, Soumya Prasad, David Westcott, S. P. Subuddhi, Raman Sukumar 129-136
Total views: 765
Genetic Analysis of Cone and Seed Characters of Plus Trees of Deodar (cedrus Deodara (roxb.) G.don)  | 
Rajesh Sharma 137-142
Total views: 261
Estimation of Cynogenic Content in Edible Bamboo Shoots through Picrate Paper Method  | 
Pankaj Singh, Rameshwar Das, Sanjay Singh, Priya Kumari 143-146
Total views: 611
Shisham Mortality in Hoshiarpur, Punjab: Causes and Remedy  | 
M. S. Bhandari, Rama Kant, Nafeesh Ahmed, Shivani Dobhal, R. K. Luna, S. Nautiyal, Vijay Kumar, Ashok Kumar 147-153
Total views: 554
Timber Volume Estimation by Double Sampling Using High Resolution Satellite Data  | 
B. K. Handique, S. Sudhakar 154-161
Total views: 753
Some Soil Enzymatic Studies in Five Semi-arid Plant Species of Rajasthan  | 
S. P. Chaukiyal, Peer Muzamil Shams 162-170
Total views: 961
Assessment of Soil Seed Banks in Biotically Influenced Tropical Deciduous forests of Sagar  | 
Pratima Khare 171-176
Total views: 414
Evaluation of Four Different Methods of Genomic DNA Extraction from Quercus leucotricophora  | 
Sneha Dobhal, H. S. Ginwal 177-179
Total views: 234
Diversity of the Native and Endemic Species of Tarai Region in Kumaun, Uttarakhand  | 
Anjali Mathur, Hema Joshi 180-183
Total views: 524
Less-known Flowering Plants in the Neighbourhood of Puducherry South-eastern India  | 
R. Ponnuchamy, A. Pragasam, S. Aravajy, K. Anupama 184-191
Total views: 513
Ethnomedical Practices and Indigenous Household Remedies Used by the Tribals and Rurals of the Bastar Region (Chhattisgarh)  | 
Ajay Banik, Sharad Nema 192-200
Total views: 336

Research Notes

Solanum sisymbriifolium Lam. - A New Record for the Flora of Gujarat State  | 
Umesh Kumar Tiwari, K. 201-202
Total views: 360
Occurrence of Root Rot in Aegle marmelos - A New Host Record  | 
Sushil Sharma, Ram Karan Gaur 203-204
Total views: 313
Fungi Associated with Root Rot of Blue Pine Seedlings under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir  | 
M. Ashraf Ahangar, G. H. Dar, Akhlaq A. Wani 205-06
Total views: 253
New Weed for Karnataka State  | 
Gurumurthi Hegde, S. S. Hebbar, G. R. Hegde 207-208
Total views: 254


From the Indian forester - One hundred Years Ago the Indian forester February, 2014 (pp. 79)  | 
Total views: 155