Volume 140, Issue 12, December 2014

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Melissopalynological Studies from Kalakad-mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR), Southern Western Ghats, India  | 
P. Selva Singh Richard, S. Abraham Muthukumar, H. Malleshappa 1153-1159
Total views: 581
Fodder Biomass Equations Using Individual Tree Distance-independent Models: a Case of Ficus semichordata in Kaski District, Nepal  | 
Arjun Prasad Bastola, Dinesh Kumar 1160-1170
Total views: 316
Survey, Collection and Conservation of Commiphora wightii (ARN.) Bhandari - an Important Medicinal Plant Heading towards Extinction  | 
Alpana Kulhari, Arun Sheorayan, Rohtas Singh, Ashok K. Dhawan, Rajwant K. Kalia 1171-1183
Total views: 738
Forest Provisioning Services of Chitwan National Park, Nepal  | 
Rajbabu Pahadi, Ombir Singh, K. P. Pant, K. P. Dahal 1184-1188
Total views: 297
Effect of Foliar Application of GA3 , Ethrel and Copper Sulphate on Fruit and Yield of Jatropha Curcas L.  | 
Paresh Gayakvad, D. B. Jadeja, M. B. Tandel, M. R. Parmar, Shailendra Bhalawe, D. Nayak 1189-1193
Total views: 326
Phytosociological Studies in the Dry Red Sanders (pterocarpus santalinus L. f.) Bearing Forest Areas of Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh  | 
S. Pattanaik, N. Rama Rao, K. Rajesh, G. R. S. Reddy, M. R. G. Reddy 1194-1201
Total views: 473
Wild Medicinal Plants of Jaunsar-bawar Western Himalaya, Uttarakhand  | 
D. S. Bisht, Y. P. S. Pundir 1202-1212
Total views: 829
Indigenous People "VIS-A-VIS" Participatory Natural Resource Management  | 
Gopal Shukla, Divy Ninad Koul, Sumit Chakravarthy 1213-1220
Total views: 392
Estimation of Genetic Diversity in Progenies of Selected Genotypes of Ulmus villosa Brandis Using Rapd Markers  | 
Sapna Thakur, I. K. Thakur, N. B. Singh, J. P. Sharma, M. Sankanur 1221-1229
Total views: 360
Forecasting of Demand and Supply of Pulpwood for Paper Industries in Tamil Nadu, India: an Artificial Neural Network Model  | 
S. Varadha Raj, N. Narmadha, T. Alagumani, M. Chinnadurai 1230-1234
Total views: 1292
Ecological Observations on the Fern Flora of Thannamandi District Rajouri, Jammu & kashmir, India  | 
Shagufta Anjum, Shreekar Pant, H. C. Pande, Tsewang Rinchen 1235-1244
Total views: 627
Foraging Behaviour of Odontotermes wallonensis Wasmann  | 
Rashmi Ramesh Shanbhag, R. Sundararaj 1245-1248
Total views: 469
Analyzing the Policy, Regulatory and Institutional Framework for Implementation of Redd-plus in India  | 
Priyanka Kohli, J. V. Sharma 1249-1256
Total views: 457
Conservation of Phaius tankervilleae a Valuable Orchid of Arunachal Pradesh, India  | 
K. S. Kanwal 1263-1264
Total views: 251
Tricotyledony in Critically Endangered Herb eremostachys Superba Royle Ex Benth. (lamiaceae)  | 
G. S. Panwar 1265-1266
Total views: 237

Research Notes

First Flowering and Nomenclature of a Bamboo Cephalostachyum mannii syn. Arundinaria mannii  | 
H. B. Naithani, Manish K. Kandwal 1257-1259
Total views: 280
Parthenium hysterophorus L. - Neither Noxious nor an Obnoxious Weed  | 
R. Kr. Singh, Arti Garg 1260-126214
Total views: 358

News and Notes

Revised National Working Plan Code in India  | 
M. P. Singh, S. R. Reddy, Jawaid Ashraf 1267-1270
Total views: 240

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

From the Indian Forester - One hundred Years Ago  | 
Total views: 162