Volume 141, Issue 2, February 2015

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Preventive Measures for Forest Biomass Extraction Beyond Increment in the Western Ghats, India  | 
Seema S. Hegde 125-131
Total views: 333
Improvisation of Eucalyptus Seedling Quality Through Micro Symbiotic Inoculation Under Saline Condition  | 
Swati Shedage, N. S. Patil, V. Solanki 132-136
Total views: 198
Characterization and Nitrogen Fixation Efficiency of Rhizobia Isolated from Albizia Lebbek Benth  | 
Ajeet Kaur 137-145
Total views: 292
Biomass Expansion Factor and Root-to-Shoot Ratio of Some Tree Species of Punjab, India  | 
Laxmi Rawat, S. K. Kamboj, Arun Kandwal 146-153
Total views: 621
Wood Anatomy of Croton L. (Euphorbiaceae) Reflecting Systematic, Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects  | 
Prem Prakash Jangid, Sangeeta Gupta 154-160
Total views: 575
Some Aspects of Risk Assessment in Forest Management Planning  | 
V. P. Tewari 161-166
Total views: 192
Agronomic Requirements for Organic Cultivation of Andrographis Paniculata (Burm) Nees. In the Upper Brahmaputra Valley Agroclimatic Zone of India  | 
S. Upadhyaya, L. R. Saikia 167-172
Total views: 359
In Vitro Propagation of Elaeocarpus Sphaericus  | 
J. M. S. Chauhan, Prabha Bisht, Monika Panwar, Ajay Thakur 173-177
Total views: 617
Medicinal Plants of Cachar District of Assam Used by the 'Rongmai' Tribe  | 
L. Ibemhal Chanu, G. S. Panwar, M. K. Baruah 178-182
Total views: 505
Effect of Fertilizers on Curcuma longa L. (Turmeric) Growth Under Agri-Silvi-Horti System in Sodic Soil  | 
Anjali Tiwari, S. K. Verma, O. P. Rao 183-188
Total views: 352
Phytodiversity of Six Regenerating Forest Stands Protected by Joint Forest Management in Koraput Region of Odisha, India  | 
Abhay K. Pathak, Malaya K. Misra 189-197
Total views: 212
Effect of Aspect and Tillage Practices on Growth and Yield Attributes of Kalmegh (Andrographis Paniculata)  | 
C. S. Sanwal, Raheel Anwar Lone, Sushma, P. A. Khan, K. S. Pant, S. D. Bhardwaj 198-202
Total views: 250
Species-Provenance Variation in Growth, Stem Form and Wood Traits of Casuarina  | 
A. Nicodemus, A. Pauldasan, P. Vipin, J. Soosairaj, A. Durai, B. Gurudev Singh 203-210
Total views: 577
Ethnobotany and Shruby Diversity in Homegardens of Cherpu Block, Kerala, India  | 
Anju S. Vijayan, S. Gopakumar 211-214
Total views: 222
Seasonal Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Forest Tree Species of Chittagong University Campus in Bangladesh  | 
Rajasree Nandi, M. A. U. Mridha, Md. Kalimuddin Bhuiyan 215-222
Total views: 560

Research Notes

New Distributional Record of Isachne Mysorensis Sundararagh. - An Endangered Grass from Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka, India  | 
R. K. R. Singh 223-224
Total views: 128
First Report on off Season Flowering and Fruiting in Khejri: The King of Thar Desert  | 
P. Ratha Krishnan, R. Indumathy 225-226
Total views: 187
Study of Incidence of Stem Canker of Rohida and Its Causal Agent  | 
Sangeeta Singh, Vineeta Shrivastava, Bindu Nirwan, Shiwani Bhatnagar, K. K. Shrivastava 227-229
Total views: 166
A Note on Twin Seedlings in Syzygium Travancoricum Gamble. and Garcinia Imberti (Bourd.) - Two Critically Endangered Tree Species of Southern Western Ghats  | 
A. Hussain, C. Anilkumar 230-231
Total views: 267

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Worlds Largest Tree Trunk  | 
Total views: 167


Shri Prem Chandra Gupta (14th January, 1938 - 16th December, 2013)  | 
Total views: 108