Volume 141, Issue 4, April 2015

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Effect of Forest Fire on Soil Nutrients in Blue Pine (Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jackson) Ecosystems  | 
Bilal A. Khaki, V. R. R. Singh, Akhlaq A. Wani, Raj. K. Thakur 355-360
Total views: 359
Can Prosopis juliflora (Swartz) DC., Withstand Climatic Aberration in Semiarid Regions of Central India? - An Observation from Bundelkhand  | 
M. N. Ramesha, P. P. Adhikary, V. K. Dwivedi, P. Rathakrishnan, S. P. Tiwari 361-365
Total views: 297
Synergistic Effect of Inorganic and Biofertilizers on Nutrient Uptake of Dalbergia sissoo Seedlings  | 
Rakesh Kumar Garg, Amanpreet Kaur, S. K. Gosal, I. M. Chhibba 366-371
Total views: 258
Assessment of Air Pollution Tolerance Index of Selected Plants  | 
Dileswar Nayak, D. P. Patel, H. S. Thakare, K. Satasiya, P. K. Shrivastava 372-378
Total views: 452
Effect of Time of Fruit Collection on the Seed Germination of Fraxinus xanthoxyloides (Wall. Ex G. Don) DC  | 
P. S. Negi, Sandeep Sharma 379-383
Total views: 218
Performance of some Mangrove Species Planted under Sonneratia Apetala Buch.-Ham Plantations in the Coastal Belt of Bangladesh  | 
Sk. Ahiul Islam, Md. Abdul Quddus Miah, Md. Ahsan Habib 384-388
Total views: 244
Traditional Knowledge of Medicinal Plants in Narayanbagar Block, Chamoli District of Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India  | 
Jyoti Deoli, Vinod Kumar Yadav, P. K. Pande 389-396
Total views: 6046
Amelioration of Phenol Formaldehyde Adhesive With Silicic Acid for Application in Plywood  | 
Shweta Bhatt, Sadhna Tripathi, D. P. Khali 397-402
Total views: 35745
Evaluation of Half Sib Progenies of Pinus roxburghii Sargent for Oleoresin Yield  | 
Kulwant Rai Sharma, Ravi Sikarwar, Chander Lekha, Bhupender Dutt 403-410
Total views: 249
Nitrogen Mineralisation in a Clonal Eucalyptus Plantation on Sandy Soil After Clearfelling and Residue Burning  | 
S. B. Dovey, B. Du Toit 411-421
Total views: 302
Phytosociological and Ethanobotanical Study of Trees in a Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest in Panchmahal District of Gujarat, Western India  | 
P. K. Pilania, R. V. Gujar, P. M. Joshi, S. C. Shrivastav, N. S. Panchal 422-427
Total views: 21335
Invasive Alien Plant Species in Tropical Forests of Eastern Ghats in Northern Andhra Pradesh, India  | 
M. Tarakeswara Naidu, O. Aniel Kumar, M. Venkaiah 428-432
Total views: 386
Variability and Cluster Analysis of Morpho-Physio Traits of Terminalia tomentosa Germplasm for Identification of Donor Source  | 
Gargi R. Kumar, I. Hembrom, M. K. Sinha 433-438
Total views: 206
Assessing the Potential of Incentive Based Plantation Involving People's Participation  | 
Bhaskar Sinha, Shashidhar K. Jha, Anil Kumar Khare 439-447
Total views: 219
Survey Report on Hosts and Haustoria of Helicanthus elastica (Desr.) Danser in Udupi and Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka and Kasaragod District of Kerala, India - A Concise Review Plus Some New Additions  | 
K. N. Sunil Kumar, A. Saraswathy, S. Amerjothy 448-451
Total views: 229
Performance of Dichrostachys nutans and Leucaena leucocephala Based Agroforestry System in Arid Rajasthan  | 
N. K. Sharma 452-454
Total views: 202
Is Olea ferruginea (Indian Olive) Inferior to Olea europaea (Common Olive) in Olive Oil Content?  | 
S. C. Joshi, V. Bhardwaj 455-460
Total views: 355
Traditional Uses of Medicinal Plants of Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri Districts of West Bengal, India  | 
R. S. Rathi, S. Roy, P. S. Mehta, A. K. Misra, K. S. Negi, A. Rayal 461-468
Total views: 496

Research Notes

Is Valeriana jatamansi and Selinum vaginatum can be Used as a Substitute for Nardostachys jatamansi in Preparation of Neuroprotective Drugs?  | 
Vineet Singh, R. KR. Singh 469-470
Total views: 201
Eleocharis lankana T. Koyama Subsp. Mohamadii Wadood Khan (Cyperaceae) - A New Record for Madhya Pradesh State (India)  | 
Shaikh Mujaffar, A. N. Chandore 471-472
Total views: 176
Total Station - A Tool to Map Live Plant Collectio  | 
K. C. Koshy, B. Gopakumar, K. P. Dintu 473-474
Total views: 218
Effects of Seed Treatments on Germination Behavior of Myrica nagi Thunb. - An Important MPT from Himalayan Region  | 
Yourmila Kumari, D. P. Sharma, Milkuri Chiranjeeva Reddy 475-476
Total views: 192

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

A Year's Lumber Consumption  | 
Total views: 149

Book Review

"Forest Rest Houses of Uttarakhand: A Living Natural and Cultural Heritage"  | 
Ajai Saxena 478-478
Total views: 198