Volume 141, Issue 9, September 2015

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Sacred Groves in Satpudas  | 
S. H. Patil 909-913
Total views: 166
Incremental Growth and Survival of Containerized Cryptomeria Japonica Seedlings as Affected by Varying Levels of Nitrogen Fertigation  | 
Meraj U. Din Dar, P. A. Sofi, T. H. Masoodi, Mumtaz A. Ganie 914-919
Total views: 231
Flowering Nature of Dendrocalamus Longispathus (Kurz) Kurz with Notes on Seedling and other Planting Materials for Raising Plantation  | 
Ratan Lal Banik 920-929
Total views: 280
Rate of Infiltration under Different forest Covers of Garhwal Himalaya  | 
Tahir Nazir, C. M. Sharma 930-940
Total views: 236
Estimation of Genetic Parameters and Association of Growth Characters in Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers Ex Hook. F. & Thoms  | 
Gufran Usmani, Syed Naseer Shah, Pravin H. Chawhaan, Yogeshwar Mishra, Asim Kumar Mandal 941-945
Total views: 154
Synthesis and Properties of Starch Modified Phenol Formaldehyde Resin for Plywood Composites  | 
Ranjana Yadav 946-950
Total views: 300
Physiographic Characterization of Micro Watershed: a Case Study of Nau Campus  | 
Nilam Surve, P. K. Shrivastava, Dileswar Nayak, Sarika Wandre 951-955
Total views: 181
Development of Fire Retardant formulations for Plywood Protection  | 
Pawan Kumar Poonia, Sadhna Tripathi, Inderjeet Kaur 956-960
Total views: 276
Nutritive Value and Cultivation of Pleurotus pulmonarius an Edible Mushroom from Nagaland, India  | 
Rajesh Kumar, Ashwani Tapwal, N. S. Bisht, Shailesh Pandey, Raja Rishi 961-965
Total views: 442
Diversity, Medicinal and Threatened Plants in Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Himalaya  | 
R. Manikandan, S. K. Srivastava 966-973
Total views: 227
Species-Area Relationships in the Tropical Deciduous Forests of Jharia Coalfield, India  | 
Shruti Mishra, Anshumali 974-980
Total views: 194
Suitability of Soybean Varieties under Second Year Populus deltoides Plantation in Tarai Region of Uttarakhand  | 
Nongmaithem Raju Singh, H. S. Mishra, S. K. Tewari, Sumit Chaturvedi 981-984
Total views: 212
Moth Assemblages (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) as a Potential Conservation Tool for Biodiversity Monitoring - Study in Western Himalayan Protected Areas  | 
Pritha Dey, V. P. Uniyal, Abesh K. Sanyal 985-992
Total views: 365
Taxonomic Assessment on the Six New Records of Bulbophyllum Thour. (Orchidaceae) for Darjeeling Himalaya of West Bengal, India  | 
Rajendra Yonzone, D. Lama, R. B. Bhujel, Samuel Rai 993-998
Total views: 156

Research Notes

Promising Wild Plant Resources of the Northern Western Ghats of Nashik District, Maharashtra, India  | 
Jui Pethe 999-1000
Total views: 201
Solanum diphyllum L. (Solanaceae) - a New Record for Uttar Pradesh, India  | 
Prashant Singh, M. P. Singh 1001-1002
Total views: 188

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

From the Indian Forester - one Hundred Years Ago  | 
Total views: 97