Volume 141, Issue 12, December 2015

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Trends in forest Management in India-Case of Sambalpur Division in Odisha  | 
Shashi Paul 1221-1229
Total views: 367
Forest Right Act and Climate Change Vulnerability: Impact on Forests and Forest Dwelling Communities in Maharashtra  | 
Jitendra Vir Sharma, Yogesh Gokhle, Suresh Chauhan, Aparna Tyagi 1230-1236
Total views: 225
Biomass Production and Carbon Stock in a Silvi-Horti Based Agroforestry System in Arid Region of Rajasthan  | 
Bilas Singh, G. Singh 1237-1243
Total views: 269
Assessment of Floristic Diversity of Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh-India  | 
Dipika Rana, K. S. Kapoor 1244-1247
Total views: 317
Seed Quality Assessment through Incubation, Drying and Separation (IDS) in Silver Fir (Abies pindrow Spach)  | 
Virendra Singh, Ajay Kumar Singh 1248-1251
Total views: 207
Phytosociological Status under Pink Cedar (Acrocarpus fraxinifolius Wight and Arn.) Plantations in Himachal Pradesh  | 
Suresh Kumar, N. K. Gupta, P. K. Mahajan, Deep Shikha 1252-1256
Total views: 203
Lithostratigraphy of Bar-Mohra Khurd-Raira Khurd Area of Pali District, Rajasthan and their Relationship with the Soil and Vegetation  | 
Beena Tripathi, G. Singh 1257-1268
Total views: 236
Floristic Diversity, Community Characteristics and above Biomass of Woody Species in Subtropical forests of Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh  | 
Gyati Yam, O. P. Tripathi 1269-1277
Total views: 333
Eco-Friendly Preservative Treatment of Bamboo  | 
Anshul Chandra 1278-1282
Total views: 260
Repellency Effect of Essentials Oils Using K and D Module against Aedes aegypti, Vector of Dengue and Chikungunya  | 
Ashish Uniyal, Sachin N. Tikar, Shakti V. Shukla, Om P. Agrawal, Devanathan Sukumaran, Vijay Veer 1283-1295
Total views: 359
Wood Anatomy of the Tribe Briedelieae (Euphorbiaceae S.L.) Reflecting the Systematic, Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects  | 
Prem Prakash Jangid, Sangeeta Gupta 1296-1304
Total views: 191
Human-Wildlife Conflict: Issues Versus Mitigation  | 
Raheel Anwar, Harmeet Singh Saralch, Ashok Kumar 1305-1314
Total views: 438

Research Notes

Some New Additions to the Angiospermic Flora of Chhattisgarh, India  | 
Arjun Prasad Tiwari 1315-1317
Total views: 205
Senna alata (L.) Roxb. (Caesalpiniace): A New Record for Northern India from Uttarakhand  | 
Ambrish Kumar, S. K. Srivastava 1318-1319
Total views: 154
New Records of Grasses from Kerala  | 
C. N. Sunil, Abdul Jaleel, V. V. Naveen Kumar 1320-1321
Total views: 186
Occurrence of Twin Seedlings in Cynometra travancorica Bedd.-An Endangered Tree Species of Western Ghats, India  | 
A. N. Sringeswara, Sahana Vishwanath, M. D. Rajanna 1322-1323
Total views: 231
Hedyotis ovatifolia Cav. (Rubiaceae) – A new record for Tamil Nadu  | 
S. Sambooranam, R. Gopalan 1324-1325
Total views: 153
Rediscovery of Hibiscus surattensis L. (Malvaceae) from the Delhi Region after more than Century  | 
A. K. Mishra, S. A. Mir, A. Shah, M. P. Sharma, H. B. Singh 1326-1327
Total views: 127

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Teak after the War  | 
A. J. Butterwick 1328-1328
Total views: 109
The Utility of Wood-Pulp  | 
Total views: 100