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Effect of Two Bioregulators on Growth Potential and Stomatal Characteristics in Acacia catechu during Early Growth Phase


Triacontanol (commercial formulations, miraculan and vipul) and mixtalol applied exogenously as foliar spray at 2, 4, 10 ppm enhanced growth potential of Acacia catechu. All formulations increased growth in terms of length, fresh and dry weight at all concentrations, however, mixtalol at 4 ppm was most effective. Maximum increase in shoot length (25%) fresh weight (32%) and dry weight (25.4%) was recorded in mixtalol (4 ppm) treated plants. Regulator treatments not only enhanced growth but also increased total chlorophyll and amino acid content significantly over non-treated plants. Chlorophyll and amino acid increase over control was 77% and 25% respectively in mixtalol treated plants. Stomatal characteristics were significantly affected by regulator treatments. Stomatal pore width increased by 41% stomatal length by 25% and pore area by 78% in case of mixtalol 4 ppm.

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