Volume 138, Issue 5, May 2012

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Table of Contents


Distribution of Some Plants in the National Capital Territory of Delhi  | 
S. S. Dash, M. Ahmedullah 403-406
Total views: 225
A Contribution to the Biodiversity of Lansdowne Forest Division in Garhwal Himalaya  | 
J. C. Ghildiyal, Meenakshi Juyal 407-421
Total views: 313
Bamboo Resources of Jharkhand  | 
S. Nath, B. P. Tamta, B. S. Chandrashekhar, V. P. Panwar, P. K. Das, R. Krishnamurty 422-433
Total views: 995
Coral Reefs of India - Under Threat  | 
Mahantappa Sankanur, N. V. Saresh, S. L. Somashekharaiah, Archana Verma, S. D. Bhat 434-442
Total views: 200
Diversity and Distribution of Lichens in and Around Nainital City (Uttarakhand) India  | 
Hemlata Kholia, Gaurav K. Mishra, D. K. Upreti, Lalit Tiwari 443-448
Total views: 477
Further Contribution to the Grass Flora of Gujarat  | 
Rinku J. Desai, Vinay M. Raole 449-452
Total views: 232
Tree Growth and Accumulation of Organic Carbon and Nutrients in Soil Under Tree Plantations in Arid Zone of Punjab  | 
Baljit Singh, K. N. Sharma 453-459
Total views: 367
Altitudinal Diversity of Dominant Vegetation Species in Relation to Soil Type in Himalayan Tract of Jammu  | 
Gulshan Rashid, Sanjay Arora 460-465
Total views: 252
Azadirachta indica A. Juss. (Neem) : Protein Profiles during Reproductive Phase  | 
Suhani Sabherwal, K. K. Dhir 466-471
Total views: 640
First Record of Phlaeobius crassicollis Jorden (Coleoptera: Anthribidae) on Green Standing Bamboo  | 
K. P. Singh 472-475
Total views: 212
Potential of a Lesser Known Tree Species Parkia roxburghii G. Don of North East India  | 
R. S. Rathi, A. K. Misra, Somnath Roy, S. K. Verma, S. K. Singh 476-479
Total views: 806
Herbal Ingredients of Bhakhar: the Core Component in the Process of Fermentation of Chhotta Nagpur Rice Beer - Handia  | 
P. K. Bhattacharyya, Santosh Singh, Kaustuv Bhattacharyya 480-483
Total views: 244

Research Notes

Bambusa tulda Roxb., Report of Gregarious Flowering from South India  | 
H. B. Naithani, P. V. Chalapathi Rao, B. V. Prasada Reddy 484-485
Total views: 582
Occurence of Albino Seedlings in Swietenia mahagoni (L.) Jacq.  | 
M. V. Durai 486-487
Total views: 198

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Uses of Wood Pulp and Poisonous Woods  | 
Total views: 241

Forest Notes And Observations

Flowering Doesn't Mean End of Bamboo Clump  | 
A. T. Mishra 489-489
Total views: 183

Gazette Notifications

Andhra Pradesh Gazette  | 
Total views: 187