Volume 142, Issue 1, January 2016

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The Indian Forester January- 2016  | 
Neelu Gera
Total views: 135


Tree Allometric Equations in South Asia  | 
S. Sandeep, M. Sivaram, H. Matieu, B. Luca, G. Rini 1-7
Total views: 336
Data Sharing in the Perspective of Forestry  | 
Anmol Kumar, Richa Dwivedi 8-12
Total views: 133
Basal Area and Diameter Increment in Long Term Research Sites in Tropical Forests of India  | 
S. N. Rai 13-17
Total views: 201
Forest Carbon Stocks, Stock Changes and Implication to Forest Management in India  | 
R. D. Jakati 18-22
Total views: 136
Volume and Biomass Functions for Trees Grown under Arid Conditions in India  | 
V. P. Tewari 23-30
Total views: 244
Use of Volume/ Allometric Equations in National Biomass Estimation  | 
Prakash Lakhchaura 31-35
Total views: 443
An overview of Allometric Equations Used for Biomass Estimation in Nepal  | 
H. B. Thapa 36-46
Total views: 340
The Randomized Branch Sampling - A Cost Effective Estimation Method of above Ground Biomass  | 
Purna B. Chhetri, Santosh Katwal, Tashi Dukpa, Sonam Drukgyel, Timothy G. Gregoire 47-61
Total views: 284
Error Propagation in Forest Biomass Assessment  | 
M. Sivaram, S. Sandeep, H. Matieu 62-67
Total views: 154
Attempts of Modelling Forest Tree Volume and Biomass in Sri Lanka  | 
S. M. C. U. P. Subasinghe 68-74
Total views: 184
Status of Tree Volume Calculation and Development of Allometric Equations in Pakistan  | 
Syed Moazzam Nizami, Syed Mahmood Nasir 75-80
Total views: 161
Status of Forest Biomass and Carbon Stock Assessment in South Asia  | 
M. Sivaram, S. Sandeep, H. Matieu 81-85
Total views: 213
Forest Carbon Stock Measurement to Management: Perspective REDD+ in Bangladesh  | 
M. Al-amin 86-92
Total views: 165
Capitalizing on the Information in Allometric Equation Data Bases for Forest Biomass Estimation  | 
Javier G. P. Gamarra, Matieu Henry, Luca Birigazzi, Emily Donegan 93-101
Total views: 189

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Propelling Powder from Wood-Pulp  | 
Total views: 83